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  • Try some other ones

    posted by stangn99

    I bought this for our golden retriever who is REALLY furry. The LED is not super bright, but it does do what it says. It may be better for dogs with a little less fur. The battery lasts forever, so no need to worry about changing the batteries often. Also, it seems to be sealed for waterproofing. I didn't try submerging in water, but my dog was in rain and snow with no effect on the light
    Good for smaller more relaxed dogs.
    Get this if you need a light for your smaller (less than 20lb) dog who will not run too far away or too fast.
  • Good Product

    posted by JoeyFryd50

    Good MaterialCuteNice Little Hood :PAdidog Cute LogoAdidas stripes stitched onI love it!
    My 5-month-old puppy makes it extremely hard to put on due to the fact that he jumps and tries to get away :P
    Great product, I really like it. Although it seems too small - I think DX sent me the small version. I'll have to email them to see if I can get the medium version send...but it's a good doggie sweater, buy it! :D
  • Good

    posted by engluca

    It's a beeautiful Collar, with some nice details, and the red LED make it great. And the price for its unbelievable. Also looks good on my dog.
    It´s a nice product, that would be greater with a sollar rechargeable battery.
    Overrall its a good product, with a nice show behind it. Not to talk about the nice price behind it. But still with some points that can get better.
  • Good

    posted by KatyaVB

    This grooming brush is very simple, easy to use and easy to clean, because it gives small to take it anywhere, does not occupy much space. It does not hurt the animal if used daily by the pet leaves the pretty, shiny and soft. The inclined cable allows for easier combing of the Persian cat, for example, by having fairly long.
    If I knew the quality of this grooming brush, would have bought another. But other than that is good, can you use it peacefully.
    Nothing moore!
  • Mini Police Light for your commute

    posted by DealKong

    - Bright and Colorful- Small, can clip anywhere- Light weight
    There are three LED on this light in three different colors (red, white, and blue); when it is turned on the color blink alternately really fast making it look like a mini police car light. the flashing police color may be annoying for some people for obvious reason. Also when you clip it on, the light will be pointing downward making it less visible.
    This is a cheap but bright little light perfect for a walk\run in the dark. If you don't mind the police blinking effect, this light is pretty good.

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