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pet dog cat Customers Reviews

  • Pet Dog Cat Plastic Ball Bell Toy

    posted by Ammiratore

    This a toy it's very atractive for my dog(Shih-tzu) because that bell. Is robust and very noisy. The toy is used every second of my dog :). I'm glad because my dog it's happy.It's interestig because my dog is traing to get out the noisy ball that is inside and is catching the ball every tine I throw to it. it;s his new best and prefered toy and i make new triks with the dog and reward it with the toy. the price and the product are very good and i'm glad that i buy this toy for my dog. i recomanded this toy for every dog that is active and for owners that are plaing with ther dogs.
    I don't have other throughts.
    In future I will buy another toy or a clothes for my dog.
  • My cat loves it (doesn't hate it!)

    posted by freeform

    Made of good materials, looks great - my cat (british shorthair) doesn't have a problem wearing it at all - in fact I'm not sure he realises he's wearing it half the time! Sometimes when we have friends around we get him to wear it - he's like a little butler (look at the photo!)
    If you love making fun of your (or other people's) cat, then go for it!
    If you love making fun of your (or other people's) cat, then go for it!
  • Nice bells for pets.

    posted by vmendelis

    Very nice , meta seems strong , maybe a bit thick , could be a bit big for cats. I used it for my doggy for Christmas, he sounded like a Deer when running around with these on. Comes in different colours nice and shiny .
    The sound is a bit lower then you would expect from a bell this size , but it is actually better as the higher sound tend to annoy me. This would be nice for a cat as a protection for birds . As it would alert any bird that the cat tries to sneak up on.
    A nice pack of bells for a good price.
  • Good for a price

    posted by iminga

    Very usefull, if you have a longhaired dog. Dog`s face is dry, floor too:)It is very good when dog is in a box, in dog shows etc.Plastic of this item is also quite good quality.
    I recommend this item for owners, especially who have longhaired dog.
    Good for dog shows, for time, when dog is in the box or cage. Also at home - dog will be dry, floor also.
  • Good and cheap

    posted by larsgm

    - Cheap
    - Good grip
    - Soft but still hard enough to do a very good job
    - Quite big "square", so it can handle bigger areas
    - My dog enjoys it :)
    This is very cheap, brushes of smaller size is over the double price here in Norway.
    The quality on this brush is good, and I find it very good to use. Its not to heavy, it has a good grip adn it does the job very good.
    Its a very good brush, my dog enjoys it very much and it really get the job done. And it is very cheap and would recomend it to every pet owner.

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