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pentax nikon Customers Reviews

  • Good one

    posted by Alxcord

    - Good quality- Have an extra rain protection- good lookingPT-BR: Boa qualidade, tem uma proteção extra para chuva. Bonita.
    There is an extra (some kind of) nylon protection you can put all around to avoid it to get wet on rain (not tested yet). When it's not in use it can be hidden easelly.PT-BR: Tem tipo uma capa de chuva escondida nela que você pode envolver por fora da bolsa, deve proteger melhor da chuva, não testei...
    I got one to my Nikon D5100, fits perfectly, I'm going to buy anotherone to my D50 (I have both). Boa, serve para Nikon D5100 e D50
  • Never loose your lenscap again

    posted by Belozebukke

    Have you ever lost a lenscap? Yes I guessed so! It is so easy to put it somewhere and forget to bring it when you see the next scene you want to capture or to put it in the pocket to find it has fallen out when you need it again. Well this little handy thing solves all those problems as you have your lenscap hanging on to your camera.
    I will buy more of these to have in spare and for new lenses I buy.
    Very good, very cheap and very handy!
  • Very Good first impression !!!!!

    posted by taurasg

    It puts perfectly as Fujifilm NP-45A battery.came fully charged as self respected genuine parts.at least declared capacity bigger (750 mAh vs 720mAh) than genuine battery.
    use this battery in Fujifilm T200 camera as spare battery.Even if original NP-45A not listed in replacements list (listed NP-45) i use it without problems.
    Have taken ~20 photos with flash - camera shows battery still full. and this is rigth out of the box. Seems to be tihs battery really good. Can reccomend it. Even it is not cheapest.
  • It fits perfectly in my T20 pentax camera

    posted by alvaro1998

    Hello, I can say it's a good deal for me because the battery fits perfectly in my T20 Pentax camera. I've take several photographs with flash function quickly and I have checked that the camera works fine, the battery refill the flash very quickly. And the price of the battery is good! What more can I say...
    I'm going to buy another one because my aunt has a Olympus camera, and uses the same battery than my Pentax.
    It's a good deal, sure!
  • Excellent device!

    posted by dvasil

    1) Got what you expected.2) The device works fine.3) Making a well-packaged.4) Simple design.5) Excellent ergonomics.6) Good price!7) Good service.
    Two synchronizer - this is what you needed to use the flash with studio light!
    The 4-in-1 April-Channel 433MHz Wireless Remote Flash Trigger you can synchronize an external ?anon flashes , such as 430, 580EXII etc. with other sources of pulsed light from other manufacturers. Your home studio useful these devices. Forget the wires, use these radio synchronizers! Going to a photo session in the countryside? Do not forget to take these useful devices!

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