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  • Usefull and excellent produtc

    posted by etkubr

    Lightweight and quite sturdy. The lock works perfect and allows for some extreme exposure photography! Very easy to use!
    I found this remote shutter extremely convenient for lightning photography. Works perfectly with Canon T2i (550d)No need for battery is also a benefit.Great gadget for night shots and long exposure, or if you have lens without stabilization.
    If you need an easy cable remote shutter this is what you need to buy.
  • Good radio flash

    posted by nrh2005

    - it's small;- it's portable;- it's light;- it's works very well within some meters;- the receiver uses 2x AAA batteries (not included), which are cheap and easy to find;- it's possible to add more receivers to grow up the net of flashes;- it has 16 channels to guarantee exclusivity signal during use and avoid the same channel that another person;- it has 1/200s sync speed;- it works with studio lights, speedlites and is a remote camera control also.
    It's a basic tool for photographers of both indoor and outdoor activities.
    It's worth for the price and the features.
  • Bit small

    posted by Joshanonymous

    Cheap and protects camera when it's simply thrown into a bag.
    DX make a bigger one!
    Although I have a lot of cons listed, it is still pretty good, especially for a smaller DSLR. Not too good if you have a larger DSLR...
  • Also works with Pentax K100D

    posted by DonaldM

    Ease of use depends on the camera - Pentax K100Ds will fire their shutters with these, more will require far more manual reading which I have not yet done.
    It is not the fault of the maker that the camera makes this very, very hard to use - got quite a lot of pictures of my hands while trying to figure it out.
    Cheap, effective. At about 1% of the price of the branded ones, what have you got to lose?
  • Good Product

    posted by Applechap

    Good build.
    The contacts of the pins are really nice and looks like they will last long.
    Lock button works fine and is ideal for bulb exposures.
    I find that the cable is length is just right for general use.
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    Great product and highly recommended.

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