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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase pentax battery here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

pentax battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent!

    posted by Freak351

    Looks match the original K7 finish.
    Adds extra grip/weight and professional feel to the Camera.
    Much better when using larger lenses
    2x Cartridge Holders gives the ability to use either AA or D-LI90 Battery.
    Each container can also hold a spare SD Card.
    Well packaged and includes a brief manual.
    Easily attachable.
    Much cheaper than the OEM BG-4 grip
    The OEM K7 BG-4 is at around 6x more expensive. This one comes well packaged and has a manual, cap and covers as well as 2 cartridges for either AA or Lithium rechargeable battery and also holds a spare SD card.
    I grabbed another battery from DX and that allows for some flexible use. I actually like the off-center tripod mount, it actually makes it easy to use.
    It does have metal lock pins, and is sturdy when attached and offers a wealth of extra buttons and dials on the grip.
    Great price, and really an absolute buy if you own the K7.
    The build quality might not be quite as good as the original, but for the price you cannot go wrong. It's an absolute must buy!
  • Equivlent to OEM

    posted by Katui

    Works flawlessly. I bought 2 of these as spares for my Pentax K-5 while I travel and I have noticed to perceivable difference in battery life between these and the OEM battery the camera came with. I have been using them for about 10 months and as of yet I have had no issues.
    For the same cost of 1 OEM battery you can buy about 7 of these. And apparently I need to add another sentence to reach 500 Characters. Silliness!
    If you need some spare batteries for your compatible camera. Buy these. You probably wont be disappointed.
  • It fits perfectly in my T20 pentax camera

    posted by alvaro1998

    Hello, I can say it's a good deal for me because the battery fits perfectly in my T20 Pentax camera. I've take several photographs with flash function quickly and I have checked that the camera works fine, the battery refill the flash very quickly. And the price of the battery is good! What more can I say...
    I'm going to buy another one because my aunt has a Olympus camera, and uses the same battery than my Pentax.
    It's a good deal, sure!
  • Very Good first impression !!!!!

    posted by taurasg

    It puts perfectly as Fujifilm NP-45A battery.came fully charged as self respected genuine parts.at least declared capacity bigger (750 mAh vs 720mAh) than genuine battery.
    use this battery in Fujifilm T200 camera as spare battery.Even if original NP-45A not listed in replacements list (listed NP-45) i use it without problems.
    Have taken ~20 photos with flash - camera shows battery still full. and this is rigth out of the box. Seems to be tihs battery really good. Can reccomend it. Even it is not cheapest.
  • Good replacement battery...

    posted by cycu767

    - Same sizes as in orginal Sanyo battery.- It fits my camcorder with no problems.- It's charging without - It works.
    I think this product price represents its capabilities. Still, the price beats all of cons. You'll get additional recording time for only 4 bucks. If You go on a trip or vacation were You wont be able to charge Your camcorder this product is the best solution.

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