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pen touch ball Customers Reviews

  • Stylus Ball-Point Pen

    posted by Nitaele

    Light and resistent, does what it's supposed to do, fit's in any place and it's a price/quality good purchase.
    Would be nice in more colours and sizes. And maybe some more information detailing the product on the website. And there's nothing more to say, It's a very simple product, don't know why I should arrive to the minimum of 500 characters, really!
    I'm sattisfied with my purchase. Was ther first one I ever did and not the last one as they are so fast and profesional.
  • Get at least one while they last!!

    posted by CoryV

    * Semi-gloss black, sleek design - stylish!
    * Fine tip roller-ball ink stylus, very smooth writing
    * Accurate stylus for any capacitive screens
    I should have ordered 5 or more right away!
    At this price, they'll a nice gift for any ccassion: "Can I borrow your pen a minute?"
    "Sure; you keep it!"
    Why didn't YOU order a few yet?!
  • Stylus with gel ink pen

    posted by 25080205

    It good work as stylus for capacitive touch screen (IPhone, HTC). Also it works on resistive screens and hard enough for pressing physical buttons - no need to lay aside stylus in that case.Stylus strong enough and didn't fall apart after half year of everyday using. Also works as pen at first few days.
    In extensively use "silver" parts of the stylus abrasion and copper layer show through it.
    Good thing for owners of device with capacitive screen.
  • Very good for the price

    posted by CanadaCG

    A capacitive stylus and pen, all in one. I like that I can use it on my phone and not smear up the display with finger prints. Mine does not need to be at a full 90-degree angle to use and I've used it on my phone with as little as a 75-degree angle. It's smaller than my finger, so it's more accurate. Also, the pen is very stylish and looks good in my shirt pocket. It is made of metal. The pen seems to write very well.
    For the price, this is an excellent product. I'd pay 2-3 times more for a more sturdy model, but so far, this one is working well, so maybe the thin metal is stronger than I think!
    Overall, a useful tool. Handy to keep finger prints off of your phone and is more accurate than a finger. Price is low too. Worth the few dollars to have one on hand!
  • Good pen for the price

    posted by BlueViper

    Good feel when writing.Can use on any touch screen.Small convenient size.Good quality except the stylus "bump" on the top.
    Useful as a pen, not much as a stylus.I like to have these kind of pens in my blazer, they take up little space and it's always nice to have a pen. Would like similar ones but thinner in different colors.
    Almost the way I want it. The cons are light, but if you are gonna use it a lot for the touch screen I would look elsewhere.

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