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pen jet Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly good at unbeatable price.

    posted by ExtraT

    - Decent build quality.
    - Quite comfortable
    - The soldering iron works perfectly and is very useful
    - The price is very good
    After reading some of the reviews I was not expecting much, but still decided to give it a try. And it turned out to be a good idea: the iron is quite useful and solves a lot of problems for me. It heats up quickly, has a long run time on one charge, very easy and comfotable to operate, can even be shut down for short periods without requiring reignition afterwards.
    I needed a soldering iron for soldering on the go and this one solves the problem for the lowest price imaginable. I recommend it.
  • handy tool

    posted by Dr4k3

    - very good build quality
    - flame is adjustable, mine holds within 23 - 43 mm
    - reliable ignition button at the end opposite to the jet - see last Pro
    - bistable on/off switch
    - little stand so it won't burn your table or roll away and burn your house
    - the flame will flicker when it's about to go out because it's too small or too big, you have a chance to readjust without having to reignite
    - easy to control everything with one hand only!
    I'm a bit worried about possible overheating and melting of the plastic body where it touches the front head. The head itself is made from cast metal, no problem there.
    Nice torch, usefull to have even if you don't have specific use for it.
  • Great jet torch!!!

    posted by dhruv497

    - the torch comes in a nice gift box
    - the torch stores good amount of fuel so i don't have to fill it regularly
    -the flame of the torch is very nice it goes around 8cms
    -the torch can be use to melt things like copper wires , glass, metals etc .
    the torch is very big in size more big than i expected
    great buy you should buy this!!!
    you should buy this in 2 or more quantity for your friends or for giving it as a gift.
    nice jet torch!!!
  • Pen-style torch with very good quality

    posted by 1000Gbps

    + Good idea of the manufacturer to put a kick-stand for hands-free usage.+ Easy to use flame-size regulator but with one BUT+ Biggest flame compared to other cheaper butane torches+ Holdable even when the hands are slippery
    In the next version add option wrist-band. Should be usefull at uncomfortable places when the chance to drop the torch from very high distance is big. Also a cap for the nozzle is another good option.
    Very good price-quality ratio

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