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The perfect pcs led here to meet all your needs. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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pcs led Customers Reviews

  • Worth the price

    posted by LSCapone

    Turn signals are bright enough. I believe, the best deal for the price, except maybe if you buy some used OEM turn signals for the same money.
    Not sure how long it will last - doesn't seem to withstand the vibration of motorcycle, but we'll se this in the near future. The screw-in threads are glued into the plastic and could be easily damaged if you overtighten the bolts.
    Nice looking and low priced.
  • Muito brilhosa e vale a pena

    posted by romerovet

    A lâmpada é muito forte, e ilumina bastante, e dá um efeito muito legal de noite.
    É tão forte que se olhar diretamente no facho de luz chega a cegar momentaneamente. O feixe de luz é bem focado, parecendo até uma lâmpada de laser.
    vale a pena, eu coloquei ela no farolete da minha CB600F Hornet, ficou show demais!! O efeito é muito interessante, chama muita atenção.
  • Better socket to build lamp modules

    posted by alela

    Excellent led plate. It also work as a heat sink.
    In some cases you need to attach another heatsink. I wish dx would offer round heatsinks for this plate. Also square and rectangular plates will be usefull for several kind of uses.
    In my experience is better to first apply some solder wire with a 60W solder to every contact on the plate. As a second step, you can do the same to the led tips and finally sold one of the led legs to the plate. Put some silicon grease on the bottom of the led and apply again the solder so the thermal contact between the led and the plate is perfect.uper recommended!
  • Led Lamp T5 1SMD 5050 - 1W

    posted by Arismar

    SMD LED 5050 T5 1W more light with lower energy consumption and heat dissipation. Preserves the integrity of the lamp socket, does not melt, not dissipate heat as the filament lamps. By design, the emission of light is brighter and more intense colour. Good durability. Several colors. This Led came to facilitate the work on automobile Panel lighting with many advantages.
    Product well protected against damage during transport. Seller fast and accurate. Product with good quality.
    Best quality in lighting and preventing possible damage to the Panel for working the SMD at very low temperature. Far better this than filament lamps.
  • Easily removed

    posted by Shion3072

    These clip on and off easily which is great if you lock your bike and worry about things getting stolen. Lightweight and flexible they can also be put anywhere like hung on your backpack or wave them round at a party or something.Quality was decent 4 out of 4 I bought worked fine.
    These have a single led in the base which shines up along a spring, not super bright when your under street lighting but really show up in darker areas, enough that I've already gotten a few comments.
    Cheap and fun a great alternative to more expensive and permanent wheel lighting systems. As a cyclist you are much more visible from the side.

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