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pcmcia usb 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • When you need more USB ports...

    posted by peelextreme

    Full speed USB 2.0, plug and play no drivers disc needed, 23" long power cable, slim design
    I've tried this on two computers, an Averatech running XP and a Fujitsu t2010 running Win7. Both are plug and play, no need to shut down. The Averatech worked fine from the start, I was able to plug two flash drives at once but a removeable hard drive needed more power (which the supplied 23" cable provides). The Fujitsu, on the other hand, was able to install but the drives would not show up even though a notification popped up that they were connected. After cleaning the PC Card slot for dust and dirt everything worked fine, but would sometimes "die" again and drives would not appear like before. Removing and reinserting the PC Card makes it work again, but I suspect it has to do with conflicts than a faulty card. A drive connected to native USB ports in the Fujitsu would "blink" when I try to connect another drive to the PC Card in a "dead" state. In other words it's not the card.
    If your cards suddenly "died" after it worked, try this: Right Click "My Computer", click "Device Manager", expand "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" and find the two "USB Root Hub" with a "Location" from "VIA Rev 5". On the "Power Management" tab make sure "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked.
  • handy for older laptops

    posted by glitch437870

    It is a very easy way to add Bluetooth to an older laptop that has a PCMCIA slot and lacks built in Bluetooth. The antenna retracts and you can likely recognised in Linux on the Debian/Ubuntu based Bodhi linux I have installed on my Dell D420
    Nice way to add Bluetooth to older laptops and it provides an extra USB port.
    Worth it only if you have a need to add Bluetooth to an old laptop. Most new laptops will usually have bluetooth built in. Even if they don't PCMCIA slots are a thing of the past.
  • simply great and cheap

    posted by elwing

    - work wonderfully without driver.
    - delivered with a nice Box, Cd (with the driver for windows 9x) and the additional power cable
    - works without plugging the additional cable (as long as you do not use device sucking too much power from the USB plug)
    - fits completly in the PCMCIA slot.
    that device is simply great for people with only USB 1.1 slot (like my inspiron 8100 had...).
    for 10$ it is simply great, my laptop was starting to get old, the 20Gb! disk was too full, and plugging an external disk in an USB 1.1 was not an option, it was just too slow...

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