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pcmcia card Customers Reviews

  • Great tool for IT

    posted by lu7and

    - Common chipset: works under Linux and BSD flavors.- Laptops' vendors stopped including serial port, it will help you.
    If you work in IT/networking or sysadmin this item will help you to administrate routers or switches. And in my experience, it was plug-n-play.
    I have RS232-to-USB too but didn't work for me, I prefer this item. Senior networking brands -ie Cisco- still uses Console cable with has a RS232 connector.
  • Seems to work ok, but...

    posted by Sysmatck

    The port recognized and installed completly on my windows XP. In Device manager we can choose what port the device will be adressed (LPT1, LPT2..)
    The manual says the device works on DOS, I could not test, dont have any program to make sure... but the windows recognized as a true paralel port, maybe this is true
    I really liked the device on all caracteristics, I just expected more, I expected that this port was able to record data to my microcontroler... I'll test and try to solv the problem...
  • Works well

    posted by mor.griv

    Good build quality.Works as expected on Windows 7 64 bit.USB 3.0 devices are recognized correctly.
    The chipset inside the card is from NEC. The accompanied CD-ROM installs the needed NEC drivers.
    It works. It's not expensive. A simple solution to get USB 3.0 support on older laptops.
  • handy for older laptops

    posted by glitch437870

    It is a very easy way to add Bluetooth to an older laptop that has a PCMCIA slot and lacks built in Bluetooth. The antenna retracts and you can likely recognised in Linux on the Debian/Ubuntu based Bodhi linux I have installed on my Dell D420
    Nice way to add Bluetooth to older laptops and it provides an extra USB port.
    Worth it only if you have a need to add Bluetooth to an old laptop. Most new laptops will usually have bluetooth built in. Even if they don't PCMCIA slots are a thing of the past.
  • Good Adapter

    posted by drTr0jan

    Quality conctruction, overall look of brand product. Does the job perfectly. Fits in PCMCIA slot completely, there is nothing on the outside of slot.
    This adapter helps you to utilize the native feature of PCMCIA bus to work with CF cards so the speed fully depends on your chipset and card. This adapter is only for mecahical purposes of connecting the slot and card together.
    And I don't quite understand what are INDEX sticker on the back side for.
    Useful thing if you are use CF cards frequently with your notebook and don't want to carry a conventional USB card-reader. Just plug it into a notebook and forget.


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