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pci pc diagnostic card

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pci pc diagnostic card Customers Reviews

  • Great diagnostic tool

    posted by Andropovbr

    - Great item for a small price. Very useful if the computer turns on with no video signal, it helps to diagnostic what type of problem it has
    if they could put the leds in a better position and make a better translation in the manual it would be perfect.
    I recommend this item to everyone that works with PC support. It will save you from trying to guess about the problem, instead it can put you in the righ direction.
  • im very happy

    posted by big4beta4

    the simple and rapid diagnosticworth buying as I liked that I purchased as gifts to friends who repair motherboard
    unfortunately many Brazilians buy on DX and not receiving the products.This product is great!
    I'm Brazilian engineer very happy with the productI bought this card here in Brazil for more than $ 20. Well did not know the DX.Too bad I live in Brazil and not in china!!
  • Radiocxem

    posted by Radiocxem

    - low price- easy to use- post card has a speaker (sometimes a computer does not have speakers)- 2 codes displayed- card is securely kept in the PCI- did not stop at code 25 (check on multiple motherboards)
    Post card made ??by Atmel microcontroller, this distinguishes it from the cheaper models. this card runs stable than a 3 card logic chips.It is very necessary thing in the repair of the computer for such a low price
    Excellent post card for a reasonable price. I recommend it to anyone
  • Only for experts in computer repair, and when the buzzer don't work

    posted by jimeno

    Very easy to use, connect the card to a PCI port and watch the codes in the book. Highly recommended for those that can fix motherboards, or if you have no speaker on the motherboard and want to know unbootable.
    Buy this card because I had several motherboards that did not work. After checking memory, graphics cards, and others, I only had to use this type of diagnostic card. I could not fix any motherboard, but at least that the majority had failed badly the BIOS or the South Bridge. Highly recommended these cards.
    If you do not know why not turn on your computer, and have the necessary tools to repair motherboards, this card is a must for you.
  • Perfect card for it's price

    posted by NiTr0

    Perfect POST card for it's price. Works on all boards correctly, it isn't need PCI clock (it synced by other signals) so it works after POST 26 on all boards. I dested it on many boards (NForce 3/NForce 4/NForce 570/AMD 890FX/some Intel boards) - everywhere it works perfectly.
    It'll be good to saw card with more LEDs - ideally for all main PCI signals.
    Perfect tool for it's proce.

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