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pci motherboard Customers Reviews

  • Only for experts in computer repair, and when the buzzer don't work

    posted by jimeno

    Very easy to use, connect the card to a PCI port and watch the codes in the book. Highly recommended for those that can fix motherboards, or if you have no speaker on the motherboard and want to know unbootable.
    Buy this card because I had several motherboards that did not work. After checking memory, graphics cards, and others, I only had to use this type of diagnostic card. I could not fix any motherboard, but at least that the majority had failed badly the BIOS or the South Bridge. Highly recommended these cards.
    If you do not know why not turn on your computer, and have the necessary tools to repair motherboards, this card is a must for you.
  • Good Test Card

    posted by silverfox356

    Pros are the cheap price and the card works exactly as specified. I received it a few weeks after ordering it in good condition.
    Great for anyone who wants to diagnosis any start up problems on the computer. Will definitely come in handy. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly to understand the post codes properly.
    Great card, the manuals a bit confusing though.
  • small and usefull

    posted by radex0815

    - small formfactor; easy to fit in any bag- easy to read green 2 digit 7-segment led-display- led-displays on BOTH sides of the card so you can use this diagnostic card even in a still standing tower pc and have no need to lay it flat to be able to read- led's for all PCI-relevant voltages and the reset-line- rigid glass-fibre epoxy board (no cheap pertinax)- comprehensive trouble-codes in the "manual"
    Not the cheapest and not the best. But a very good and usefull product.
    Get it if you've got to troubleshoot faulty pc's from time to time or if you your pc needs checkups quite regulary. But don't tell it your friends and/or colleagues else you'll even get more practice in trubleshooting pc's... ;-)
  • Buena y Barata

    posted by 00Kipy00

    Acá en Rgentina es muy dificil conseguirlas, y si las conseguis son costosas.
    Es una placa que cumple su funcion.
    Es muy barata, posiblemente un 70 porciento mas barata que en Argentina.
    La he probado en varias maquinas y me ha tirado su defecto.
    Muy util la conexion Mediante puerto Paralelo.
    Es Resumen estamos frente a una Tarjeta POST que puede sacarnos de muchos apuros y reducirnos tiempo en la busqueda del problema.
    Recomendada para personas que quieren una pequeña herramienta en su trabajo.
  • It is a good quality product.

    posted by avgou

    It is a very good and sturdy product. It has two screens so you can use it easily and watch the results with the second screen. The messages are displayed on the screen so you don't have to look through manuals to translate the results. You can use it in desktops and laptops. It has small lights around the screen, and you can see the display even if there is very little light.
    I am thinking of making some kind of box to house the second screen, so it would be more protected.
    A very good product. It works fine, and it is very high tech. As long as you have some expertise in computer repairing you should buy it


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