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pci motherboard Customers Reviews

  • Useful tool in some cases

    posted by blaffer4

    - Can save loads of time and guesswork as of what the exact problem is, especially on systems that do not boot or POST at all- Easy installation, just pop in and power on
    As stated in the cons, I had 2 scenarios where the card actually stopped the system from booting. One system was booting but hung on POST, the other was a normal working system. After placing the card the systes would not POST at all and the card showed and probably caused a RESET loop
    Helpful tool if the motherboard accepts the card, than it can be a life saver. If the motherboard is incompatible with the car, it can be a source of head scratching.
  • Perfect card for it's price

    posted by NiTr0

    Perfect POST card for it's price. Works on all boards correctly, it isn't need PCI clock (it synced by other signals) so it works after POST 26 on all boards. I dested it on many boards (NForce 3/NForce 4/NForce 570/AMD 890FX/some Intel boards) - everywhere it works perfectly.
    It'll be good to saw card with more LEDs - ideally for all main PCI signals.
    Perfect tool for it's proce.
  • Very usefull

    posted by MaTek666

    good build quality, it will last for a long time, you get manual for all bios types in use (AMI, Award, Phoenix 4.0/Tandy3000)detection is easy, you put it into PCI slot and turn on the computer, card turns on, detects voltage, and than begins to show codes for every step bios makes, when a problem occurs, the code will be shown in display and then you look into manual to see what it means, in most of the cases in my experience it points you to "faulty slot" (memory, graphic card slot, processor), but still you save a huge amount of time, because if it doesn't show you problem directly at least it points you to faulty deviceafter you solve the problem run diagnostics once more to make sure that everything is working correctly
    i didn't use USB, speaker and printer port so far, but they might come in handy some day, there are cheaper products, but if you need a reliable diagnostic card at your home or work place, i do recommend this card, you will not regret spending some extra money on this
    very good product, useful and time saving device
  • It is a good quality product.

    posted by avgou

    It is a very good and sturdy product. It has two screens so you can use it easily and watch the results with the second screen. The messages are displayed on the screen so you don't have to look through manuals to translate the results. You can use it in desktops and laptops. It has small lights around the screen, and you can see the display even if there is very little light.
    I am thinking of making some kind of box to house the second screen, so it would be more protected.
    A very good product. It works fine, and it is very high tech. As long as you have some expertise in computer repairing you should buy it
  • im very happy

    posted by big4beta4

    the simple and rapid diagnosticworth buying as I liked that I purchased as gifts to friends who repair motherboard
    unfortunately many Brazilians buy on DX and not receiving the products.This product is great!
    I'm Brazilian engineer very happy with the productI bought this card here in Brazil for more than $ 20. Well did not know the DX.Too bad I live in Brazil and not in china!!

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