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pci laptop diagnostic

You'll find the best pci laptop diagnostic for you here. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your support is our greatest motivation.

pci laptop diagnostic Customers Reviews

  • It's a good product

    posted by adyckarock

    Ok, it's a cheap product, but it works, at least for me, cause i fix computers and makes easier my job.
    En español:
    - Es un producto barato pero funciona, al menos para mí.
    - Viene con manual en inglés fácil de comprender porque es inglés técnico.
    Buy this only if you need this product, 'cause is a professional tool.
    - En español
    Sólo compra este producto si realmente lo necesitas ya que es una herramienta de uso profesional.
  • Diagnostic Post Test card with two LCD

    posted by matejc66

    Realy easy to use. I have computer service company, and I bought this for profesional use. This card Is much better then other-no LCD screen cards. Because-you can easy plug in and find out what is wrong, withowt any searching for code description. Also, this card have some extra options.
    If you need diagnostic card, buy this. For this money you get realy good product. This card realy can save you money.
    Nofing more to say.
  • LPC POST Debug card review

    posted by SomeOtherGuy

    Supports the Intel standard LPC Bus Port 80h Debug protocol. (and I2C, MiniPCI / Mini-PCIe)Which covers 95% of common POST debug interfaces.Works exactly as expected.Also there is a manual.Bright Green LED 7-segment display.
    If you need to Debug a POST sequence with a Laptop that isn't quite booting properly, this is the card to use.
    An excellent tool for any PC technician, and a must have for PC/Laptop repair and diagnostics. Don't leave your toolkit without one.

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