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pci-e usb Customers Reviews

  • Works perfectly

    posted by cristihossu

    no compatibility problems in Windows XP or Windows 7 x64. even though case looks plastic it is quite sturdy.no driver required for card reader, SATA and eSATA work well as long as you have the available SATA ports on your motherboard
    work as expected, have not tried a USB 3.0 device yet, but USB 2.0 devices work perfectly in the USB 3.0 ports.chipset is VIA xhci for the USB.
    Definitely recommend.
  • Sort of a gamble, but it worked for me

    posted by ElConquistador

    This card does indeed connect a USB 3.0 external drive at USB 3.0 speed. It is supplied with an adapter cable, in case you do not have a floppy power (small 4-pin) connector in your system. The adapter cable ends in a 4-pin Molex plug.
    Initially, I thought this card was malfunctioning, because my USB 3.0 external drive only connected at USB 2.0 speed. It turned out that the USB 3.0 enclosure was defective. As soon as I installed the hard drive in a new USB 3.0/eSATA enclosure, it connected through this card at full USB 3.0 speed. Depending on your hard drive, expect transfers at anywhere from 90 to 100+ MB/s.The included driver CD-ROM isn't strictly necessary. After I installed this card, and logged into Windows 7, Windows automatically detected it and installed the right driver.
    As long as you realize what you're getting, this is probably a worthwhile buy. It is certainly a very affordable way to add USB 3.0 to an older desktop PC.
  • Perfect

    posted by Buzzlight

    This unit is easy to fit, drivers installed automatically with windows 7. High speed usb 3 & Sata connections are great. Supports apple fast charge if you hook up the extra power cable.
    If you need a quick easy upgrade to USB3 or extra High speed sata connections, this is the easiest way to do it. The unit seems fairly robust, easy to fit and simple. It comes with a driver disc and instruction sheet. Although for windows 7 it didn't need the disc, it just worked.
    Great and easy, if you need it, buy it, you wont find better. Does exactly what it says.
  • Must Buy

    posted by amp42

    Just received 3 of this extension pci-e cable and I'm very impressed with the quality of this risers. When you received this item it is neatly package inside a static plastic bag and carefully fits in a small carton box. The soldering is top-notch! and high quality. I tested it and it is working, no issue or what ever. Some other risers have 1 capacitor this one have 3. This is the best riser to buy in terms of reliability and quality.
    Usb cable length should longer but i think it is not an issue.
    Must buy!
  • Simple and works

    posted by robbage

    This front pannel fits well in a 3.5" drive bay. It also comes with mounting screws. The cable is long enough for any case and motherboard with some left to spare.
    Not much else to say. The panel does what it is supposed to do.
    If you need front USB 3.0, you have a 3.5 bay available and your motherboard has a standard 2 port USB3.0 connector then get this.

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