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pci-e usb Customers Reviews

  • Sort of a gamble, but it worked for me

    posted by ElConquistador

    This card does indeed connect a USB 3.0 external drive at USB 3.0 speed. It is supplied with an adapter cable, in case you do not have a floppy power (small 4-pin) connector in your system. The adapter cable ends in a 4-pin Molex plug.
    Initially, I thought this card was malfunctioning, because my USB 3.0 external drive only connected at USB 2.0 speed. It turned out that the USB 3.0 enclosure was defective. As soon as I installed the hard drive in a new USB 3.0/eSATA enclosure, it connected through this card at full USB 3.0 speed. Depending on your hard drive, expect transfers at anywhere from 90 to 100+ MB/s.The included driver CD-ROM isn't strictly necessary. After I installed this card, and logged into Windows 7, Windows automatically detected it and installed the right driver.
    As long as you realize what you're getting, this is probably a worthwhile buy. It is certainly a very affordable way to add USB 3.0 to an older desktop PC.
  • Good and cheap 2+2 USB 3.0 ports

    posted by gaberserk

    This type of card costs al least twice more, then price of this one is wonderful.Installation is simple: connect in a free PCI-e slot (no matter is x1, x4, x16), connect the 4 pin molex from the power supply unit and the 20 pin motherboard cable if your case have one of this type. In the driver CD there are many useless drivers, only install the folder no. 12 (VL8XX_ V1.80B_WHQL) (at least in my CD).
    Many drivers on the CD, but after buying several expansion cards on DX I know how it works: you have to know the chip it uses =)
    I recommend it. Very nice and cheap card.
  • Worked like a charm

    posted by KarlV

    -Significantly faster than my usb 2.0 ports.
    -Easy to install. It slided very easy in the slot.
    The installation of the software was straightforward. Worked rightaway.
    -I also bought an usb 3.0 flash drive here and use it as additional memory. Increases speed significantly. usefull as I still have a 32-bit computer.
    -if you foresee to use usb 3.0 devices on an existing computer and you have an available PCI-slot, you really should check this device out.
  • Good quality but beware of your case size

    posted by OricAtmos48K

    Good quality, All parts and cables came intact without damage%50 cheaper than off the shelf products available locallyPerformance of USB 3.0 ports are acceptable
    The fan controls work ok and reduce noise if your board does not have intelligent fan speed control
    Good buy
  • True USB 3.0

    posted by glowa666

    1. Speed - Tested with my external usb 3.0 hdd, average read speed was 97 MB/s compared to 36 MB/s on usb 2.02. Price - for 16 dollars is hard to find anything better3. Main chipset on board is made by VIA, well known company
    To power up this baby You need to have a cable with molex connector and unused pci-e slot
    It is really good card which will provide 4 USB 3.0 ports for older motherboards.


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