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pci card Customers Reviews

  • Spent money for new hardware

    posted by tihobg

    It is working excellent without any problem. It is suitable with PCI National Instruments FPGA card.
    It will be necessary to use an additional power supply using National Instruments PCI card.
    Good combination with old PCs and PCI electronic cards thus saving money and at the same time using more powerfull PC.
  • crazy good item if you need this

    posted by account10582

    works as advertisedamazing functionalitygreat price / valuedecent build quality
    don't expect to get this working with 20 minutes of effort. But once you figure it out, a good think to have in the toolbox. For sites which need a physical PC exposed to the 'general public' it is an amazing item.
    if you might benefit from the features this provides, and don't mind spending a bit of time to learn how to make it work, it is an absurdly good value.
  • Does what It Says on the Tin

    posted by zerodgz

    Yes indeed, this is an actual 4 channel video capture card for a fraction of the price you could get such a "professional" piece of gear elsewhere. It can capture from all 4 inputs simultaneously, in color, from just about any standard-def camera (NTSC or PAL) you can plug into it.
    The included Windows software is beyond terrible. Luckily, this card is based on a few (four, actually) bog-standard SAA71xx encoder chips, which are well supported by Linux and for which Windows drivers are available. I have this card working with Zoneminder under Ubuntu at the moment, and it will also work with Catspy, Dscaler, etc. in Windows.
    If you need multicamera monitoring or capturing on the cheap, forget all the USB 4-way adapters out there and get this instead. It actually works.
  • It is a good quality product.

    posted by avgou

    It is a very good and sturdy product. It has two screens so you can use it easily and watch the results with the second screen. The messages are displayed on the screen so you don't have to look through manuals to translate the results. You can use it in desktops and laptops. It has small lights around the screen, and you can see the display even if there is very little light.
    I am thinking of making some kind of box to house the second screen, so it would be more protected.
    A very good product. It works fine, and it is very high tech. As long as you have some expertise in computer repairing you should buy it
  • Good product

    posted by SkaarjZR

    CheapAssembled wellOn-board speaker with connector4 digit indicator (and good indication overall)ISA interface
    There is description for post codes described in manual but unfortunately for me, it's given in Chinese. It would be cool if some one scan/take photos of English version of manual.For me supporting of ISA on this card is main factor, because I haven't found ISA POST card on local market,
    Very good tool for detecting faults in older and modern PCs

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