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pci capture card Customers Reviews

  • Recommendable

    posted by Goblet

    Reasonable price and high framerate.
    On Linux this card shows as four different v4l-devices, not as one device with 4 channels. So you can really get 4x25fps.
    I wanted to reduce potential heating, so i bought some small heat sinks for the IC's at the same time. (SKU.35816)
    See discussion about configuring with Linux.
    The card has 4x Trident SAA7134HL which are supported by kernel.
  • Linux perfect

    posted by Criggie

    Sodding brilliant card! I got this to run in my linux box with debian and motion. After a bit of faffing about with kernel module parameters it runs all three of my cameras at full frame rate.
    There have been no problems at all once its working, so I'm really happy with this card.
    Don't loose the breakout cable - you couldn't buy it separately.
    Also, I have no idea what would happen if you connected a monitor to the dsub15 connector that was used. Perhaps that was a dumb idea by the card maker. Maybe that sku 17848 would be better - it looks like exactly the same card.
    Motion rocks with this card http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion
    Zone minder under linux should work too.
    Now to find a respectable CCD camera for that spare input :)
  • works fine easy to use

    posted by sl0n0v0d

    1. Price.2. Simple to use.3. Has a good intuitive program for recording and viewing videos.
    Maybe later when I'll need to use more than 8 cameras I'll try to install one more card in same computer and check if they work simultaneously.
    Nice product for its price and simplicity of using makes it a good deal.
  • great value for the money

    posted by alchicago

    Does support hdcp protected content recording. Contains trident tm6200 chip, board can be used with other recording software also. With "other" software perfect 1080i recordings at vbr of 13000-25000 on an i5 2500k system.
    All in one solution, basically records everything up to 1080i, component or hdmi input.
    With the right software this is a great item!

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