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pcb piece pack Customers Reviews

  • The best way of test components!

    posted by failsafe

    This clip probes are the best way for testing purposes, you can remove the cap and solder a wire, then all are advantages. You can let a component grabbed and operate with 2 hands, much more easier to do conections than crocodile clips and more safe. RECOMENDED!! It is cheap, and will save you when you need some extra hands. I love it!! Very usefull to fit in multimeters or another type of stuff, even I would use in oscilloscopes!
    Ideal for electronics experts or hobby, very usefull!!
  • Perfect boards for small projects

    posted by ehud42

    I use these with my CNC machine to make all sorts of little boards for various electronic projects. They are a good size that works with the Eagle PCB CAD software free version limits.
    Not sure what the backing board is made of, so if you plan on cutting these and doing lots of it, make sure to wear proper dust protection - don't want that stuff in your lungs.
    I'll be buying more of these when I use up this batch.
  • Good quality prototyping board

    posted by oleg31337

    It's a good quality double sided fiberglass board with soldered through holes, which makes prototyping easier. Pads do not come off easily when overheated. I had to rework wrong connections couple of times and pads stayed in place.
    Not sure what else could be said, it's just what it is.
    I recommend this for a small projects. You have to know how to work with soldering iron in order to use them properly. I have already used couple, and liked them very much.
  • Good stuff

    posted by fnurkla

    It is a simple object with only one function. It does perfectly what it's supposed to do. The materials look durable, not expensive, good built quality and lightweight. No bent pins or so...
    It is shipped in a zip lock bag, not much to add actually.
    Buy this parts, it is really a good deal for the money.You get good quality, and there is no suprises.
  • Very usefull probes

    posted by matvs1

    Today I received these probes that can be used for Multimeter or Oscilloscope. They have send directly to my post box because the parcel is too small I did not go to the Post office.The parcel has 20 items.You can easy mount these probes to almost any element on the board.These Clip Probes easy clip even to SMD Capacitor.
    We can not connect these probes to the small SMD chip but they are sufficient, to use with small other components such as capacitors, resistors and other.
    I recommend buying this because these probes will help with your work.

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