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pc wireless receiver usb

Every single pc wireless receiver usb displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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pc wireless receiver usb Customers Reviews

  • Must have!

    posted by samoneko

    Great stuff! It is working exactly what it is made for! I have Windows 7 and I've tried it in many games and applications and it works perfectly. I also have PS3 game pad for PC but finally I could enjoy in my xbox wireless game pads on my laptop and PC, especially cause they are better for long playing. With this, you get some mini disc with all drivers and installation.
    Maybe they could have some holder for laptop screen (like web cameras) and maybe to have various product colors to choose (I only find black ones, but it could be silver, white, etc.)
    Great product, must have and every recommendation for buying!
  • Very good value for the money

    posted by friisdesign

    This is probably one of the best purchases I have don here on dx.com. Very good value for the money. I use it with XBMC and it works very well. I don't have use for all the buttons on that system, but I can access all important functions with this remote.
    Would be amazing if the manual was better, still don't know what all the buttons do. The music and similar buttons use some Ctrl+Alt+F(something) key combination. I don't know what this is supposed to be good for.
    Conclusion: would buy and recommend this. (But you get what you pay for)
  • OK even if you can't read Chinese

    posted by wwinch

    Range is at least 20 feet. Receiver flashes to show button presses. Seems to have all the most used Media Center function keys, plus works as a mouse. Also has some web browser shortcut keys. Works with Win7.
    Mouse operates in etch-a-sketch mode using arrow buttons. Won't replace a real mouse for frequent use, but will do in a pinch.If you look close at the photos, you'll see that some buttons have secondary functions in blue. The secondary functions are toggled by pressing the button to the lower right of the directional pad. (Took some trial and error to figure out.)
    I think I'll use it even though it's the wrong language for me. But probably could have made a better choice.
  • PC wireless controller

    posted by nicolaspolti

    Just plug and play, excelent working.
    ideal for movies playing in the computer.
    the reception is ok
    it cames with a winamp button
    it can be used as a presentation tool
    delivery time to argentina: 17 days
    i think that the pad version is better
    i dont know how to use the +CH and the -CH. i think it is for the TV integrated gadget for computer.
    excelent gadget, i am fully satisfied.
  • works well

    posted by anosk

    works well. has great range. receiver has a long cord so it can go anywhere.has many useful buttons. very easy to install. I have windows 7 and it worked right away.
    im very happy with this. it works like i expected.
    good price. works well with windows media player. only some of the functions work with other media programs.

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