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pc usb controller Customers Reviews

  • Very Good

    posted by sergioce

    A device like the TV remote control but for the pc.The materials are correct as any remote control.Almost all the buttons are useful and easy to see movies and tv on the pc.
    Installation is very simple, just need to plug the usb.Windows recognizes the device and complete the installation.
    It is a useful device, much more practical than the keyboard to see my movies and media center.
  • A Good Gamepad Controller

    posted by gbvaz

    The build quality surprised me! It's really good for the price;
    It comes with a driver mini-cd;
    It's just like the ps2 controller;
    The price is very reasonably;
    Overall is a good gamepad for the price.
    It's a good quality build. If you are looking for something good with low price, this is the choice.
    I'll have to pass it on, to my friends. But it was worth the try!
  • definitely worth buying but mind the cons

    posted by killerbee0071

    The device is handy and functions properly, looks as advertised with slight esthetic add ons which improve the overall appearance of the product.
    No real other thoughts.
    If the virus problem is fixed it will be 100% satisfactory.
  • If you have HTPC GET IT

    posted by armac922

    This thing is amazing. It's literally plug and play. Works fine in any windows version without drivers. It's detected as HID device and emulates keyboard and mouse. It has button for everything you will ever need on HTPC plus 4 shortcut buttons. I am using it with XBMC and it's awesome. Range is 10m or more which is quite good for 8 bucks remote.
    First I wanted to order something like sku.32245 but I think this one is better for watching movies, TV etc. plus it's only 8$.
    If you need it get it. I have both wireless keyboard and mouse (2.4Ghz) for my HTCP and they do just fine for browsing, games, typing etc, but when it comes to XBMC this thing is great. I can finally put my bulky keyboard/mouse aside and use this on my coffee table.
  • strikingly handsome

    posted by navetsea

    very affordablelooks beautiful beyond its pricecompact size yet has substance enoughhas cable compartmentdesk clamp is nicer than expectedstart button is nicely/ smartly placed using standard size buttonscomes with accessories that normally has to be bought separately, 2 extra gates, button plugs.
    it probably looks best as stock, it is black and sleek and I don't see how to improve it in look, probably smoke clear buttons are the only possible upgrade to its look, those metal inserts in the plexi could have been painted black or simply secure it with screws from the top like the rest of Qanba's black screws with flat head and counter sunk plexi would produce the same flush outcome. the door to the cable compartment is secured by a click on thing that is designed the same way as battery compartment on your alarm clock or tv remote control, those are only to be opened very seldomly when replacing batteries, clearly not for something that would be frequently used as the plastic will be broken at some point, a spring or a magnet would be a better solution.
    this stick is totally worth its price looks really beautiful as stockfor someone who like to personalize their stick however this is kind of letdown. as probably nothing can be done to it to make it better appearance wiseand since its low price, probably yours would be one of so many that looks exactly the same.

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