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  • Great addition to smartphones!

    posted by Stefander

    - It's just what it is, it allows you to connect any USB device to your smartphone- Great if you're a developer and/or tweaker who likes to get more out of your smartphone- Works great with supported devices, like USB drivers, card readers and keyboards
    Even though only a limited amount of gadgets are supported by smartphones and tablets out of the box, it's still great for transferring files from and to USB drives without needing a computer.
    If you're interested in connecting things to your smartphone that you normally couldn't, this is a great gadget for only a couple of bucks!
  • Good little tool

    posted by tauzer

    Small, simple and portable. Just plug and start operating immediately. The quality would depend on the television or projector. All cabels included in box. Usb power is a very good idea, so you do not need a separate adapter.
    I also have a Sony Trinitron, and I use the RCA connection. Watching movies is not bad with an easily customizable.
    Worth the price. I recommend to everyone.
  • Cheap and works well

    posted by Annihilism

    - Cheap- 150CM more than enough for most people- Sturdy cable
    Handy if you need some extra cables for your external hard drive or other 3.0 product. I guess there wouldn't be much difference in speed between expensive and cheap cables sinds its just bits and bytes that are being transferred.
    For the price it is an allright cable. If you disconnect your hard drive alot it might be better to get a somewhat more sturdy cable. The pins seem a bit shabby but so far the cable hasn't let me down and i disconnect my External HD alot.
  • Useful

    posted by fires_master

    I was looking for this cable from a long time, but I didn't know it!I use flashes with wireless shutter but one of my flashes is very heavy for my wireless receptor and it rotate. Very annoying.I was luck, the flash and the receptor have a PCSync connectors, this cable gave me new possibilities.Llevaba buscando este cable desde hace mucho tiempo, pero no lo sabía! Utilizo flashes con disparador inalámbrico, pero uno de mis flashes es muy pesado para mi receptor inalámbrico y gira, algo muy molesto. Tuve suerte, el flash y el receptor tienen un conector PC Sync, este cable me dio nuevas posibilidades.
    No more to say, it works perfectly!
    Perfect for wireless shutters!
  • works fine, power supply problem

    posted by carDil

    Well, the product enables me to connect 2 SATA devices externally without having to open the computer case.I use it mainly to for backups.Works great - transfer rate is normal and I haven't experienced any data errors.Installation was very easy (just make sure you have one or two unused SATA slots on your motherboard).I keep 2 SATA cables connected to it at any time, and when needed, I just connect the device.
    Instead of buying this product and inprovise something for the power proble, one can just pull out his own solution (using an extension SATA cable...) ...
    Works. Cheap. Why not?

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