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  • Great product

    posted by Gunlock

    Works well with XBMC. The green WMC button can be altered with some button mapping available through use of an add-on/plugin downloadable through XBMC. All buttons can be assigned to XBMC functions
    I love this product. Though I have upgraded to more expensive PC remotes since buying this one many months ago, I still favor this remote for it's ease of set up.Also just to add, the remotes I upgraded to are within the 30-50 dollar range with track pads and mouse balls. In comparison with them, the mouse feature is the only slacking component on this remote in my opinion.
  • Works flawlessy

    posted by nosegoblin

    +Works straight out of the box in windows XP and also in windows 7
    +Works straight out of the box with XBMC (win XP version) and finally giving me the opportunity to just lie down on my bed and control the playback from there
    The remote feels cheapish what comes to the build quality but as long as it does what it is meant to do, I'm just happy the way it is.
  • Works as advertised. Plug and play with xbmc

    posted by sharninder

    Works as advertised. I use it with my raspbmc setup and the media playback buttons work by default without requiring any setup.
    The remote worked without any config for me, atleast the media playback buttons and I haven't had the time to make the rest of the remote work. Probably, needs some manual LiRC config.
    Works as advertised.
  • OK even if you can't read Chinese

    posted by wwinch

    Range is at least 20 feet. Receiver flashes to show button presses. Seems to have all the most used Media Center function keys, plus works as a mouse. Also has some web browser shortcut keys. Works with Win7.
    Mouse operates in etch-a-sketch mode using arrow buttons. Won't replace a real mouse for frequent use, but will do in a pinch.If you look close at the photos, you'll see that some buttons have secondary functions in blue. The secondary functions are toggled by pressing the button to the lower right of the directional pad. (Took some trial and error to figure out.)
    I think I'll use it even though it's the wrong language for me. But probably could have made a better choice.
  • It is extremely useful thing for the owners of PC and Xbox 360

    posted by redblack1

    The ability to use a gamepad on the Xbox 360 when playing on the PC. Support for up to four devices.Supported by official drivers from Microsoft.Good quality of the original.
    Successful work within the room. Disappointed with the lack of incident drivers.In my case it was to save on buying a gamepad for the PC.
    Despite the incident with the driver, I'm happy with the purchase. I advise the owners of PCs and Xbox360.

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