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This is our best pc protection glasses, they all share a great design and great prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

pc protection glasses Customers Reviews

  • Good goggles for the price

    posted by charlie312

    - Price is great! It is two or three times cheaper than in my country.- Never fogged up! Tried them as ski goggles in minus 10°C (14°C) and in 30°C (86°F) skirmish and no signs of fogging. There is vent hole along the whole shape of the plastic glass and it really works.- Comfortable to wear! Face is touching soft silicone, it must fit to everyone.
    - I recommend some serious testing with 500+ fps guns point blank. I tried mine in field already, worked fine, but i found one visible sign of impact afterwards, no crack, just little smudge.- DX sells version of the goggles with 3 replaceable glasses under different SKU.- Polycarbone glass from other makers might fit in.
    Great fog proof comfortable goggles. Test before use for your own safety!
  • Great cycling lens

    posted by ruffinelli

    Great lens for everyday use. The light blue it's perfect on cloudy days. The polarized works really nice on sunny days. The dark lens is very useful on extreme light situations, like desert sand or snow. I use the clear on nights runs. Perfect to keep away dust, bugs and other small things.
    Easy to chance the lenses. Good quality. Comfortable design.
    Great purchase. Great price. You won't regret.
  • Great glasses fits perfect

    posted by Delon91

    Great fit, covers you whole eye area! The glasses are really straight and fit tight around your head?Comes with lots of accesoires
    Great price for glasses with that much accesoires! The coloris great and the glasses do not scratch easily!
    Good fit, great looking en affordeble price! Great!! It took al bit long but when the glasses where there it doesn't matter because they where great! I am thinking of buying more of these in other colors
  • Useful, but bound to strenght!

    posted by Delighted

    Lights up nearby objects. Great for reading. Can be used for lighting up objects in your nearby path, when walking in complete darkness. Has 1 LED on each side (can be turned on/off individually). Appears somewhat flimsy, but is actually sturdy enough. Comes in a protective case!
    In my opinion, the strenght should've been mentioned precisely. Reading with +3, when (for example) needing +1, goes just fine. But do not try to move around too much with them. The distortion will cause you some side affects that resemble those of slight intoxication ;)
    Hmm. Not 100% if it is worth the asking price, but it is a practical little gadget. I initially bought it for my partner, so she can read while we are on the road. Now that I made you aware of the +3 strenght, you yourself should be able to judge best whether or not this is something you'd want to buy. That aside: For reading in the dark, I'd surely recommend these glasses.
  • Very nice glasses

    posted by Veltnar

    Fits very comfortable, high quality lenses with 5 different colors, frame made of solid and good quality materials, lightweight, has a strap for wearing on neck, lenses are polarized and look very stylish.
    Very stylish, sport-like looking glasses, perfect for bike riding, running and other sports. Decent and durable materials. Really good one. Protects eyes from sunlight and wind. Comfortable to use during daytime and even in nighttime.
    I'm happy with this purchase, it's worth the price. Lenses are really polarized, product is not fake.

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