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pc power tester

On this page, you can find a wide selection of pc power tester. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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pc power tester Customers Reviews

  • Good tool to test power supplies

    posted by MaxFox

    For those who do repares on computers that is an indispensable tool. With it you have the information of how quickly is the power supply. Their voltages and currents. You can also test the conectorres HD / DVD / Sata very quickly. If something is wrong it flashes on screen liquid crystal and a sound is also issued as whistles.
    One of the best gadget useful already bought here at DX I've been using it for over 3 years and helped me to make many diagnoses in power supplies.
    I recommend to everyone and friends.
  • Good and easy to use power supply tester

    posted by gkanos

    the tester is easy to use with the instructions printed on the device, makes it easy to know when a power supply is normal and when it's faulty. I've used it several times with no problem.Very good price and rather small size.
    I would recommend it for home use but not for extensive use.
    good cheap choice for a power supply tester. I'm happy for buying this product because it works as it should and I haven't pay much for it...
  • 1.8" LCD PC Computer ATX/BTX/ITX+SATA tester

    posted by pharaoh1st

    tester does what it spouse to do - it tests power supply, just connect cord from power supply ant plug it to power outlet, automatically starts power supply, good firm quality case, on lcd monitor shows all the exact voltages: +3.3V.-12.+5VSB, +12V1, +12V2, +5V (with 0,1V precision).
    handy tool for IT enthusiasts ant testers. easy to use, quite informative. there are cheaper power supply testers on dx, but i'm not sure if they can display exact voltages.
    precise and vary handy tool! Just buy and won't regret.
  • Prove that you have the power

    posted by jpjwetal

    It has a very good shape and the build quality is good.Very easy to work with.It has LED diodes for testing ±3.3V, ±5V, ±12V, +5VSB and PG.There is so many connections on the tester, like:Floppy, HDD, CD-DVD ROM, SATA, 4 Pin, 6 Pin (PCI-Express), 8 Pin (Dual CPU), 20 Pin and 24 Pin (ATX Power).
    By isolating pin #14 on the 20 pin connector and connecting a switch between the pin and board will allow a field-mod power switch addition.
    Great device for home and light industrial use. I teach a class in PC hardware and am adding this to my essential tool kit.
  • Good tools to have

    posted by Griffin12

    If power supply faulty it won't show any indication. The only indication it show is no reaction.
    It will be good is it have a on off power. To on and off the power supply during testing.My Test:I had tested with a faulty power supply and it show nothing.Then I switch to a new power supply and the LCD turn on with a blue backlight. In it it show the voltage reading.
    If you are a PC technician or troubleshooter you should get 1.

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