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pc power supply

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pc power supply Customers Reviews

  • Cable para SAI / UPS Cable

    posted by CrazyRedAr

    1. Cable standard para conectar a SAI /Standard cable to connect to UPS
    2. Buena calidad / Good Quality
    3. Cumple con su función / Fulfills its function
    SAI (Sistema de Alimentación Ininterrumpida) / UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
    Ideal para ahorrarnos un enchufe y poder aprovechar las tomas extra en nuestro SAI, por ejemplo, conectando la impresora a la linea filtrada / Ideal for a spare power socket and takes extra advantage in our UPS, for example, connecting the printer to the filtered line.
  • very cool and easy diagnostic tool

    posted by an85dy

    + no external energy required
    + short english "guide" on case how to use it
    + plugs for the most connectors
    + quite compact
    ~ i use it for work and it helped me a bit... the weird thing is, the "broken" power source had function with another mainboard, but the led's show a disfunction, so dunno really...
    but i'm sure its great to find broken cables
    in few situations quite useful, but better test twice, i still dont trust it
  • no professional tools needed anymore

    posted by mitchellvg

    it supports every cable on your power suply. ide, sata, etc. It is not neccesarry to turn the power suply off for switching cables. the tester is very small. I can place it in my hand. You here a beep to if there'ssomethign wrong with power suply
    It si to bad that one led isn't working. but it isn't worse enough to send it back all the way from Holland to China.
    quick and easy checking of the power suply. to bad a LED don't work. it may indicates a bad quality of the product.
  • Overall it's a good product

    posted by Lusu

    Fast diagnostics with leds. Incorporated buzzer beeps shortly when you connect the PSU.
    At least a piece of paper posing as a manual is missing.
    This is a cheap and fast PSU tester, exactly as expected. Trap for young players, the -5V indicator, shpuld have been documented.
  • Simple tester

    posted by kirovclass

    This is what I call plug-and-play! There is nothing to be explained about this item, if you know already how to plug a PC power supply.It shows on the LCD display the voltage for each of the single power rails (which can be useful to monitor when putting a PC under load).
    Maybe the build could be a bit improved using heavier plastic, but it's already ok this way.
    Economic power supply tester, one step up from the simpler type that shows with one LED whether each voltage is present.

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