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pc power supply

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pc power supply Customers Reviews

  • A very good instrument

    posted by krysja

    The device lets you quickly check your computer power supply, and availability of all operating voltages. Convenient display. Very easy to use and lightweight.
    Sound signal indicates malfunction. Doesn't need a separate cell to power it.
    This device is suitable for home workshop and repair organization.
    I recommend this unit to everyone who is engaged in assembling and repair of computers.
  • It saved me a lot of time

    posted by Noctaa

    - Cheap.- Easy to use.- It starts up the PSU automatically.- You can test the PSU itself and the other the cables (sata, floppy, etc.).- Saves A LOT of time.- Small and not heavy at all. Great for carrying it in a tool box.- It's marked where you've to plug depending on how many pins the PSU has (20, 24, etc.).
    It really worth it. It can save you a lot of time.
    A must-have tool for all computer technicians.
  • Great product

    posted by niccarp89

    -Its a great product, easy you can see if the powersource is ok-its a great tool to avoid the paperclip bridge system-a lot of conections to use and test: Floppy, HDD, CD-DVD ROM, SATA, 4 Pin, 6 Pin (PCI-Express), 8 Pin (Dual CPU), 20 Pin and 24 Pin (ATX Power)
    -great product, easy to use and easy instruction-really practical, i have a workshop and test powersource very quickly with this device
    -really value the money
  • It works

    posted by woodstock069

    Yep it does what it says, it measures the power supplies output voltages.
    It gives a seperate read out for each of the voltages.
    +5v, +12v(main connector(RHS)), +3.3v, -12v, +12v (secondary connector(LHS)), 5vSB, and startup delay time in mS.
    the display is blue backlit LCD, quite easy to read.
    If a voltage is missing it beeps and flashes LL in that voltages display position (See pics).
    Much easier than a multimeter for a quick test.
    See photos I uploaded
    No there's no power switch.
    Just plug and go.
    No doubt you could load the psu if you wanted too with an extra cable between the tester and the PSU, or even just load up the 5v and 12v on a drive connector.
    It does what it says, if you just want a simple go, no go, voltage display, this is it.
    simple to use just plug in your PSU and turn it on (your PSU that is)
  • no professional tools needed anymore

    posted by mitchellvg

    it supports every cable on your power suply. ide, sata, etc. It is not neccesarry to turn the power suply off for switching cables. the tester is very small. I can place it in my hand. You here a beep to if there'ssomethign wrong with power suply
    It si to bad that one led isn't working. but it isn't worse enough to send it back all the way from Holland to China.
    quick and easy checking of the power suply. to bad a LED don't work. it may indicates a bad quality of the product.


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