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pc pin Customers Reviews

  • Very nice for the price

    posted by SrKlein

    Lights are very bright, its super easy to use, and they look spectacular!
    M3 glue smells funny, it took like a week for the smell to wear off. Every time i turned on my computer, my fans would bring the scent out of the box.It says its 60cm long in the description, but it doesnt specify how long the led part is:the power cord is 30cm and the led part is 30cm too.
    Even if its a bit expensive for a 30cm led stripe, its the cheapest i've found, so i guess its a good buy after all
  • default small noize cooler

    posted by symaslipknot

    standard design for easy installation in a PC and other devices, small, good quality. Wire standard colors. socket connection is standard, thus preventing confusion when connecting.
    I will try to order more. maybe next time the fan will not be noisy. if not connected to 12V, and 9 and lower, the beats almost inaudible.
    ordered as a replacement for an old fan to the southern maternal chipset motherboard desktop (nf560). can be ordered in small quantities
  • Just what was looking for

    posted by PietjePatat

    In my Dell Inspiron 540 the only x1 slot was covered by the fan of my graphics card that i added earlier. Since I need the x1 slot for my USB3 card I used this cable to install that USB3 card upsidedown above an empty regular slot. This flexible cable was the perfect solution.
    the low height connector made it possible to use this under the fan of my graphics card
  • Perfect to control speed of older or cheaper fans

    posted by TiagoFS

    It converts PWM signals to voltage level, so it can control older or cheaper 3 pin fans.
    Well built and there is an adhesive on the back so you can put it anywhere inside the computer.
    Easy to install.
    If you connect it to a 4 pin connector on your motherboard, then you will only have control of the fan speed by the PWD settings on BIOS or speedfan (third party software).
    If you connect it to a 3 pin connector, leaving the fourth pin on the device unconnected, then you may use the knob to control your fan speed.
    It works just fine, but you may have to mess around with some PWM settings on your BIOS.
  • DB 25 Pin Printer Parallel PCI Card for Desktop PC

    posted by styckis

    Good working add-on board, very useful for PCs with motherboard without parallel port, in case of LPTprinter need to be connected. Not so expensivethey cost 3 times more in sweden.
    Uppdate the firmwere for the card .
    No win 7 driver ,so i find this on http://www.wch.cn/download/list.asp?id=112 andit have driver fore a lot of LTP and serial pci cards.It worked with my HP Deskjet 895C se writer.

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