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  • Funcional y funciona a la perfeccion

    posted by xinxi

    - Compre este adaptador por que perdí el original de asus 4g surf- Funciona a la perfección, el voltage es igual que el del original de asus 2.5A, 9,5V- Ajusta perfectamente en el asus 4g surf- Lleva una luz de carga que te avisa si el cargador esta enchufado o si ha dejado de cargar- El tiempo de carga es exacto al del cargador original (medido con la batería original) tarda una 2,30 en cargarla completamente- No sufre ningún tipo recalentamiento- El precio es genial, no lo encontraras mas barato
    - Cargador totalmente compatible con mi asus 4g surf- Funciona perfectamente en España (comprando el cable adecuado)- Precio inmejorable, el original cuesta 45 euros, y este al cambio 10 - 12 euros- La calidad es buena, y por ahora ya he cargado varias veces el portátil y sin problemas
    - Es una compra recomendada si te hace falta un cargador para tu asus 4g surf, barato y funciona a la perfeccion
  • Works for me

    posted by tobixen2

    Small and compactWorks well for mePractical design
    I didn't measure the output voltage, and I don't know how well it smooths out voltage ripples from the engine. I once connected a 12v laptop directly to the car. When playing music on that laptop while the engine was running, there would be noise with the same frequency as the engine RPM. When I tried to connect it without the battery installed, I toasted the laptop. I should probably have verified that it's possible to operate the laptop without a battery installed before posting the review.
    It's cheap, so if you have a car and an eee, you should definitively buy this.
  • Works great! No Worries!

    posted by jim291phantom

    This is without a doubt the cheapest touchscren upgrade on the market for the Eee 901. But that's not the good news. The good news is that it works great!
    The screen is thin, approximately 1mm, so its important to be patient and careful when fitting it but I've had no trouble with bowing or any other issues.
    The screen maintains good calbiration - I did a 25 point calibration when I first installed it but I'm pretty fanatical and needed to do some drawing but you can probably get away with a 9 point or even a 4 point for most purposes and be confident that it will hold its cal.
    The controller fits nicely on the underside of the mobo in the same spot where JKKmobile sticks the controller card in his youtube video but it so much easier that what he has to do because it's solderless. Still it's not for for the absolute novice there are 23 screws, 2 ZIF connectors and 2 mini JST connectors plus the small matter of a voided warranty to deal with in order to fit the thing. But if that doesn't daunt you. You're good to go!
    Oh! and it adds 2 internal USB ports these are awesome (but check below for a minor warning). Your next upgrade will be so much easier 3g Dongle, onboard GPS, more (cheap) storage you name it..
    Bluetooth? there's no bluetooth here and you don't need it either 901s already have it.
    Works great. what more is there to say?
    Well I just thought of something... Dealextreme packed my kit very well. Lots of Foam and stiff cardboard awesomw work!
  • Cracks easily

    posted by Wisdom1

    DX packaged it properly, unlike the other reviews I have seen that says they all arrived cracked. I bought 2, because I cracked the first one myself.
    Great, easy to install. I thought I have to solder, then found eeepc forum that says in the eee 900a, which does not have the webcam. Just plug it in into the webcam outlet. The webcam will appear in the bios, which was not there before. And enable it in the bios.
    I have to drill holes into the LCD frame holder to lower the LCD and make room for this Panel. Glad I found the forum in eeepc which provides all the instruction
    If you have a eeepc or the other 9" netbook. This is a must have toy.
  • A good quality name brand product

    posted by Strath

    Made by one of the names in the field this is a well designed product which works out of the box. Go to the holux.com site and download the right drivers before installing. The same site also has the complete users manual. Works well with OziExplorer software. For testing the utility package from the Houlx site gives you lat/long etc.
    The packaging is solid and has a good professional feel.
    A good buy- recommended.


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