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  • Great Product

    posted by kl3vr

    Cheapest I could find with free shipping, and I trust DX unlike some site I just googled.It worksLots of funGreat for netbooks where touchpad mice are limiting.
    Follow the fidohub instructions. Win 7 driver wasnt much help with calibration. I used their touchkit driver and it works like a charm now.The video shows them feeding the usb cables through a hole in the middle of the board. I suggest feeding the cables underneath the board to near the hinge. I couldn't get everything to sandwich back together otherwise.Be sure to tape the touchscreen to the screenTurn the black connector so the black wire is on the right, connector up, then insert the ribbon cable with the white strip on top. First time I did it wrong and had to disassemble it again.Don't be afraid if you have extra screws left over, as long as everything is solid
    You literally have to take every screw out. Took an hour to install, another hour to troubleshoot.
  • Funcional y funciona a la perfeccion

    posted by xinxi

    - Compre este adaptador por que perdí el original de asus 4g surf- Funciona a la perfección, el voltage es igual que el del original de asus 2.5A, 9,5V- Ajusta perfectamente en el asus 4g surf- Lleva una luz de carga que te avisa si el cargador esta enchufado o si ha dejado de cargar- El tiempo de carga es exacto al del cargador original (medido con la batería original) tarda una 2,30 en cargarla completamente- No sufre ningún tipo recalentamiento- El precio es genial, no lo encontraras mas barato
    - Cargador totalmente compatible con mi asus 4g surf- Funciona perfectamente en España (comprando el cable adecuado)- Precio inmejorable, el original cuesta 45 euros, y este al cambio 10 - 12 euros- La calidad es buena, y por ahora ya he cargado varias veces el portátil y sin problemas
    - Es una compra recomendada si te hace falta un cargador para tu asus 4g surf, barato y funciona a la perfeccion
  • A good quality name brand product

    posted by Strath

    Made by one of the names in the field this is a well designed product which works out of the box. Go to the holux.com site and download the right drivers before installing. The same site also has the complete users manual. Works well with OziExplorer software. For testing the utility package from the Houlx site gives you lat/long etc.
    The packaging is solid and has a good professional feel.
    A good buy- recommended.
  • Perfect

    posted by karosa

    * It does what it's supposed to* I've checked the board in mine as soon as it arrived (partly because of deluded's review here and because I had a different type of cheapo charger - not a DX buy - spontaneously combust on me before). I was happy to find that everything was soldered down perfectly. It's a well-made board.* Efficient switch-mode step-down circuit* It's very cheap
    It has one of the longer (3cm?) fuses. Might be harder to get for some if a replacement is needed.
    Got an Eee that you want to run off the car or a battery? Get it.
  • Touching

    posted by Hezzo

    Works perfectly with my EEEPC901Touch panel fits nicely between screen and front bezel.Includes drivers
    Good value for its quality. Installing this is quite easy if you have done some work that is related to fixing laptops like changing laptops screen or its motherboard. Biggest problem for me was to find good places to put the wires.
    I've installed 2 of these and they work nicely. Its been 6months and still they are running like new and no scratches or anything and I've used stylus on these.

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