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pc diagnostic Customers Reviews

  • simple card

    posted by 09876

    The price is good. The quality of build is standard ' the same as other cards that are being sold here in my local market.at least i got the "english" version of the manual. The manual display a lot of information.except small scrache the card came intact.The card is functioning and do display results - for sure checks the voltage of supplay power to the motherboard.
    pros outwite the cons
    simple card. good price.The information in the manual is not for novice or regular poeple as there is a need for certain level to understand ot the meaning outlined there.could be good solution but not as single solution for diagnostic.
  • excellent

    posted by TONYWARRIOR

    This device helps IT experts investigating defects of PC motherboards, makes error identifying and troubleshooting faster and easier. The LED power checker helps identifying PSU issues. The best solution when you get no picture from the PC, and easier to use than BIOS beeps codes. I use it for almost a half year, and helped to identify some problems, which i have successfully repaired.
    Good value for the price, it can be a good first aid tool when the PC cannot boot up, the manual could be better written.
    I recommend this item for every PC expert.
  • Only for experts in computer repair, and when the buzzer don't work

    posted by jimeno

    Very easy to use, connect the card to a PCI port and watch the codes in the book. Highly recommended for those that can fix motherboards, or if you have no speaker on the motherboard and want to know unbootable.
    Buy this card because I had several motherboards that did not work. After checking memory, graphics cards, and others, I only had to use this type of diagnostic card. I could not fix any motherboard, but at least that the majority had failed badly the BIOS or the South Bridge. Highly recommended these cards.
    If you do not know why not turn on your computer, and have the necessary tools to repair motherboards, this card is a must for you.
  • Ultimate diagnostics card!

    posted by nkobzar

    + One of the cheapest, but still quality, PCI- and ISA-slots troubleshooters on the market
    + Very easy to use
    + Solid build quality, no bad soldering or anything like that
    Good packaged and it really came with an English manual :). Works exceptionally!
    Very cheap and nice motherboard PCI-slot troubleshooter. Got the package from DX, plugged it in, and voilá! Have also checked the error codes with the english manual that came with it, and no problems there.
    A must have for every computer-nerd out there!
  • Works with Range Rover 4.4i

    posted by Zilvermeeuw

    Build quality is good. Better than other chineese products. The software (Carsoft) works. The box is made of metal. The connectors are solid mounted. It dropped already twice on a concrete floor, and the product is still working correctly.
    The software could be more selfexplaining. But that is not from DX. Perhaps a manual with all possibilities can be provided.
    The software could be more selfexplaining. But that is not from DX. Perhaps a manual with all possibilities can be provided.


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