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pc case screws

These cool pc case screws are high quality and at affordable prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find more hot gadgets at case smart pc and pc back case. With your support, we can do better.
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pc case screws Customers Reviews

  • Great Item

    posted by Ejeetnet

    Well these screws are for fans and case mods, they are amazing build quality I had no problems with the threading on the screws at all and they are the perfect fit for my 120nm fans among other things.
    They also seem to be non-conductive material which makes them great for anti-static or if you drop one on your motherboard.
    I will purchase these again when I build another computer that needs modding
    If you need case screws and your local retailer has a whack price or just don't sell them then these will do just fine.
    Good job DX!
  • New Build ??

    posted by havidredden

    If your building a new machine, and think you need screws, or just lost some of your other ones, great backup to have, it even has thumb screws :D
    Most main board don't come with mounting screws anymore, this solves that at a cheap price, GO DEALEXTREME.com
    If you are unsure if your new PC build will need any screws ( most probaly will) get it , you'll be more then happy with them and have some left over to spare, there are most then enought screws and parts to complete 1 build more screws left over.
  • PC Case Screws Kit

    posted by whitetop1

    goodly built fits like a dream,works better than the old ones i had.very quick on screwing them in for my new dvd-rw and replaced my old screws on my motherbourd as they was abit tatty from the 486 pcs,
    could have more in the pack as you would not want to run out half way into building a pc from scrach and would have to order more or have to run down to get some from your closed hardware store which cost more money.
    very good for the price,very strong , fits and screws right in with no problems
  • you build computers? then they are good

    posted by mimura47

    i needed some extra screws as i build computer for friends and familythis was more pratical than another item which was an assortment of screws
    you need to know what its used for (computer chasis and expansion cards [vid card etc.])price isnt the best, but free shipping and if your getting other things its so horriblei got them along with 16105(brass mobo riser) and 16104(more for optical drives and HD)
    if you build computers alot, these will be usefuljust know what they are used for
  • Cheap, useful, and do the job.

    posted by smeding

    - They're cheap, over here I would have to order these in bulk, and probably not even for this price.
    - They fit well, no burrs, size tolerances or anything
    - Proper brass
    These are your bog standard motherboard (among other things) standoffs, to keep the bottom of the motherboard from touching the tray. You either need these things or you don't, and there's not really a lot to go wrong in making them.
    Cheap enough, do the job, what more is there to say?

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