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pc card Customers Reviews

  • Only for experts in computer repair, and when the buzzer don't work

    posted by jimeno

    Very easy to use, connect the card to a PCI port and watch the codes in the book. Highly recommended for those that can fix motherboards, or if you have no speaker on the motherboard and want to know unbootable.
    Buy this card because I had several motherboards that did not work. After checking memory, graphics cards, and others, I only had to use this type of diagnostic card. I could not fix any motherboard, but at least that the majority had failed badly the BIOS or the South Bridge. Highly recommended these cards.
    If you do not know why not turn on your computer, and have the necessary tools to repair motherboards, this card is a must for you.
  • Good product

    posted by xandoca

    Produto atende as expectativas. Product meets the expectations.
    O manual que não é o correto é o ponto negativo muito forte do produto. The manual is not the correct point is the very strong negative product.
    Produto atende as espectativas, mas como falei anteriormente, o grande ponto negativo é o manual que não é da versão do hardware, isso complica e leva muito tempo até você começar a entender o funcionamento e mesmo depois de saber como usar, ainda restam dúvidas. Product meets the expectations, but as I said earlier, the big downside is that the manual is not the version of the hardware, and this complicates take long before you begin to understand the functioning and even after learning how to use, questions remain.
  • Excelent device for diagnostic

    posted by Rahziel

    The PCI 4-Digit PC Motherboard Repair/Troubleshoot/Diagnostic Card with Mobo Status LEDs is a very useful tool, here in my country are very difficult to find, and very expensives!
    La PCI 4-Digit PC Motherboard Repair/Troubleshoot/Diagnostic Card with Mobo Status LEDs es una herramienta muy util, aqui en mi pais es muy dificil de encontrar esta clase de dispositivo y es muy costos
    nothing else
    Need to buy another one, a friend of mine wanted to!
  • Working product

    posted by Masterski

    Has both mic and headset jacksInstalls on the flyHas a neat designWorks flawlessly
    Perfect device if you are tired of switching the jacks on the rear side of the computer between your 5.1 system and the headset. This thing appears as a new sound card in the sound and system options. One thing to keep in mind that because of how Windows are made, there is no way to make both Audio soundcards work at the same time - you have to switch in the Sound properties from one device to another. Not a big deal, and doesn't need a windows restart, unlike I had to do when I switched the jacks on the rear of my pc. If you hesitant to buy it, dont be. Just do it. Price is ok I think.
    This is a great product and I didnt regret the purchase. You buy what you are promised.
  • works fine, power supply problem

    posted by carDil

    Well, the product enables me to connect 2 SATA devices externally without having to open the computer case.I use it mainly to for backups.Works great - transfer rate is normal and I haven't experienced any data errors.Installation was very easy (just make sure you have one or two unused SATA slots on your motherboard).I keep 2 SATA cables connected to it at any time, and when needed, I just connect the device.
    Instead of buying this product and inprovise something for the power proble, one can just pull out his own solution (using an extension SATA cable...) ...
    Works. Cheap. Why not?

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