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Every single pc card usb displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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pc card usb Customers Reviews

  • Working product

    posted by Masterski

    Has both mic and headset jacksInstalls on the flyHas a neat designWorks flawlessly
    Perfect device if you are tired of switching the jacks on the rear side of the computer between your 5.1 system and the headset. This thing appears as a new sound card in the sound and system options. One thing to keep in mind that because of how Windows are made, there is no way to make both Audio soundcards work at the same time - you have to switch in the Sound properties from one device to another. Not a big deal, and doesn't need a windows restart, unlike I had to do when I switched the jacks on the rear of my pc. If you hesitant to buy it, dont be. Just do it. Price is ok I think.
    This is a great product and I didnt regret the purchase. You buy what you are promised.
  • usb 5.1 channel sound card

    posted by rikislief

    There is one giant pro when i talk about this usb sound card. It's price. Unbelievable that a working sound card is available for only just over three dollars. Besides that, i also found it very nice that it plugs and plays right out of the box. I have not had any problems with this device, other than the one i wil list below.
    i have no other thoughts.
    Unbelievable how such a small device can make the sound for my computer, and even more unbelievable it can do it at that low a price. If you need a sound card, and have a free usb port on your computer, buy this one, i personally guarantee you wont be disappointed.
  • Nice for the Price

    posted by adamjon858

    This really is a nice little product for the price. The build quality is good too. As with most memory card readers, the slots where more then one type of card goes in feel flimsy.
    Reads memory cards almost as well as my $30 reader. Transfer rate is slightly slower, but still works good.
    If your in need of a memory card reader that will do the job for cheap. Heck, throw away your floppy drive .

    I do suggest that you buy the $11 one like this if you can though, it appears to work slightly better.
  • Great presenter and remote!

    posted by Norad2000x

    +Fits flush inside PCMCIA slot (see pictures). It's 3mm thick and is a PCMCIA I card+RF transmitter, not IR. No line of sight needed anymore+Plug & play for PCs (XP, Vista, Win7) Don't know about Macs.+Acts as a remote mouse with arrow keys and left/right mouse buttons. Also pretty easy to control mouse with arrows.+The white dot on the receiver is a green LED that flashes to acknowledge key presses from the remote+Range: MUCH MUCH more than 10 meters. I've tried ~70 feet (over 20 meters) and it still worked consistently! Granted, if there are walls in between, it will probably be cut short by much.+Hundreds of button presses later, the battery is still holding strong. Buy cheap replacement CR2032s from DX when you buy this!
    Some key mappings: [X] button mimics Alt-F4.[Esc] button mimics ESC[Switch to black] button mimics B key[Switch to desktop] button mimics Win-D[Start/stop slidesho] button mimics F5[Switch program] button mimics Alt-Tab
    FINALLY! I've been looking for a RF based PCMCIA-form presenter for months! The only decent one I found before this was a sketchy bluetooth one. All others were IR! I'm sick and tired of IR remotes being flaky and responding half the time. This is the perfect use for my PCMCIA slot! (Seriously, what else are you going to use that slot for?) It has all the functions I need for Powerpoint presentations and basic remote video watching. This is not for you if you're looking for full fledged media-PC remote. I've used it for over a month and am very satisfied with the performance.
  • Works as you would expect

    posted by CarlosLint

    - Works on Windows XP out-of-the-box, no driver required for me.
    - Reliable feeling/enclosure
    It's a pretty good option if you don't mind Linux support and wants an inexpensive RFID reader.
    Doesn't write RFID cards(we all knew that), and I've tested only against common entrance-of-the-building cards, worked just fine. These kinds of cards are pretty common, but some are not 125khz (thery should be 13mhz, as far as I can tell).


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