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  • Helpful if you have the wrong cables.

    posted by SageCloud

    Good length and quality. I ordered 10 because I had 10 camera's delivered with UK plugs and no way to connect them, while I need the EU plug. So these were perfect! I could also order a convertor but these always slip or wiggle in the socket, I prefer a normal cable.
    None really. Maybe you would prefer white ones, but I don't know if these are available or not.
    Order if you need them. The price is good, quality perfect, what else do you want for this price and free shipping??
  • Fuss free PnP, software update available

    posted by musicdiary

    Plug and works. I ran a software update and the installation instructions is in graphics, so it's easy to understand. After installing the KM Link software on both computers, the link is established and you can start to use the mouse of one computer to navigate across the screen to the other computer. It works!
    Transferring files across computers is easy too. Just copy from source computer, paste to target computer. Transfer rate is fast too. I estimated 20MB/s.
    If you use the mouse of computer A to move into computer B, then computer A's keyboard and mouse can start to use on computer B. Computer B's input devices can also be used concurrently. To release control of Computer A, Use Computer B's mouse to navigate outside the screen.
    Now, if you use the Computer B's mouse to move into Computer A, then the reverse will work! So there is no need to specify which computer is master or slave. It depends on which computer's mouse you move into the other computer. So smart!
    It's the cheapest device to share your keyboard and mouse across 2 computers. Previously I would need a traditional KVM setup which is cumbersome to install.
  • Nice oldschool gamepad for smaller hands

    posted by hstehr

    - classic gamepad layout- works well on Linux without extra drivers- decent build quality (not quite as good as original video game controllers but also much less expensive)- ergonomic shape (for smaller Hands)- good cable length
    I use this gamepad to play old-school video games on my Raspberry Pi. It works well on Linux without extra drivers. The pad has the Super Nintendo key layout plus two extra trigger keys. The turbo and auto-fire functions work well but the keys are not forwarded to the PC (so can not be assigned to other functions).
    Great gamepad for those who prefer a less complex layout than the usual dual-shock models, especially if you have smaller hands.
  • great product

    posted by eumemu

    - Great product, similar to Beringer- Fully plug and play- Worked with guitar-rig and AmpliTube- It also works with the ASIO4ALL driver- the output for headphones have good amplification, the output is stereo
    for a mini home studio or study, the whole "Guitar to USB Interface Link" + notebook + powered speaker is very good.
    - if you do not have good cables, had been too noisy, good cables are essential.-
  • Pink headphones with mic

    posted by luigidj

    It is very well made, the fabric is soft, the metal bracket is solid, the microphone is not movable, so it will not break or fall, it is adjustable to the head, the connectors are color coded and it have a volume control for the headphones
    This one was a gift for my friend's daughter. She wanted a pink headphones for her new laptop, and she was very happy with it.
    All and all, this was a good gift, it was cheap and the girl was happy with my gift :)


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