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pc cables black Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Product! Excellent Price!

    posted by fowzis

    Bought two of these gamepads.
    1. Recieved well wrapped in its original plastic bags.
    2. Well built, nothing loose, very sturdy
    3. feels extactly like an Original PS gamepad
    4. Was detected by Windows Vista as well as 7 even without the drivers at first plugin(See my Notes in Other Thought)
    5. Provided with Driver Mini CD. Drivers installation went smooth, without any problems.
    1. without the provided drivers, windows does not detect the second (right) digital stick.
    2. Installing the drivers, make the second (right) digital stick detected by windows.
    3. To use this gamepad with all! the games, you need to install and configure an emulator program, that translates the gamepad commands to keyboard commands.
    I installed "XBOX 360 Controller emulator" http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/
    It takes a short while to install and configue. Search YouTube for "x360ce" to see related installation and configuration vidoes.
    :-) enjoy
    Best product I bought from DealExtreme so far
  • Good quality product for a low price

    posted by Warsword

    Excellent build quality and much much cheaper than buying a full professional recording desk.Compatable with both mac iOS and Windows PC.Works with most music editting software.
    Very suprised with how good this product was compared to the photos on the website, was expecting something cheaply built but when it arrived was happy to find an excellent build quality.
    Dispite the really long delivery time, was well worth the price
  • It's working well

    posted by miorik

    I use this cable/cord for my laptop and it is working without any problems. Length is also pretty good. It's strong cord so it should also least for longer time. And plug is big which is much better that thin one.
    There is no problem with it and I like it.
    Good cable/cord for pretty good price.
  • R2 and L2 do not work with PC

    posted by fremandn1

    Most of the keys function including the two analog sticks. Works without drivers
    I don't know how they work with a PS3, but they don't work completely with a PC and some games, like former XBOXLive games don't work without the R2 and L2 buttons. If you can live without them then it's OK.
    Fund another adapter for this price since there looks to be a lot of them.
  • Works as advertized

    posted by agoliveira

    Works as advertized. Tested on my S III and was able to use an external pendrive as if it were a SD. I haven't tried with something that requires more power like a small HD.
    Could be interesting to have a few more adapters on a package like tablet connectors for Samsung and Acer devices.
    I recommend if you need OTG on your android device. At this price, you can't go wrong.

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