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You will be surprised our best pattern assorted with an artful design and an amazing price. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

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  • Good

    posted by Irina343

    Great durable belt.I use it for their pants in tactical games.Eradication does not twist - thick enough for your purposes.Buckle fastens perfectly.Good quality of the buckle - it is cast. It does not break during use.I like the darkened color of the buckle.
    Appointment of a belt - to keep his pants. This belt does its job.
    I recommend this item to friends and acquaintancesI recommend this item to friends and acquaintancesI recommend this item to friends and acquaintances
  • good

    posted by Kastgrus

    Good qualety.You can trow it if a bit longer than regular floats.Its sensetive and you can se when the fish is there to taste.
    I have no idea what the extra hole is for.Its a great float and got a good feeling in it.It would be great if it would be a set with diffrent sizes of floats with this form and material
    Its a good buy and it isnt to expensive.looks great and the qualety look ok.
  • Very good one

    posted by csamila

    very small, fits perfectly all my glasses and fits in my pocket, good quality material.
    under the plastic cove it's metal made, and this metal trigger all metal detectors I know. Airport, bank, everywere I forgot, I have a buzzer in my ears.
    very nice one, dificult to find smaller than that.not a bargain, but if you nees a thin case that's the one, honest price.
  • An useful ashtray or whatever

    posted by compasillo

    + It works as supposed to do (as ashtray or a simple case to store what you want)+ Very light weight and small size+ Comfy system to open/close it+ Inexpensive
    For me this is an item to use occasionally in some situations, not to carry on continuously. I think it would be more discreet if suppressed the cannabis engraving on the lid.
    Versatile ashtray (or case) that´s not bad for the price. It works fine and can help in a lot of situations when you don´t find an ashtray. Every smoker should have at leat one of them.
  • Stron and tough

    posted by Aretzkee

    - thick , strong material
    - tough buckle made of thick metal
    - lever locking mechanism - easy to open
    - piece of leather sewed at the end of belt saving from ripping
    Very nice item, I've bought it to replace my other canvas belts but made of thin canvas and with much less tough buckles (locking was also not perfect). Mine was Victorinox branded (color logo at the buckle and "Victorinox" letters at the lever) - VERY NICE :)
    Good, tough product for tough use. Pitty that it is impossible to choose buckle engraving - Dealextreme, please, PLEASE do this - not everyone are happy to get US eagle or other random design. Maybe it is good way to sell belts and buckles separately to give possibility of self composition?

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