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parking radar Customers Reviews

  • Very satisfied with this purchase

    posted by LeRoiV

    - very affordable price, even to install on not expansive car- good looking, qualitative plastic of sensors- drilling head included is good quality (very sharp), drilling the bumper was very easy- cables are long enough to reach any location in the car, so any configuration of main unit and display is possible in any big enough car - display is nice looking and although is small, is quite clearly visible- the beeper is loud but not too annoying as other people wrote
    -would be nice to have and other colors, even basic ones (blue, red, green) or maybe metallic
    if it will survive the winter, it will be the best purchase for my old car
  • Great device and works well

    posted by ImSir2U

    Works really well, a bit of false triggering but I'm told even the car manufacturer ones do this but I've never owned a car with one in before so I wouldn't know.
    The clamping system to hold them in makes it really hard to get them in by pushing on them, you need to pull from behind and use a twisting action to get them to seat flush with the bumper.
    Great product that works as well as you can expect for the money and I am going to buy another kit with black sensors for my other car if I can bring it over to this country.
  • Great price

    posted by Kokodrilo16

    It is a great help when you have big car. I wasnt so confident when I was parking alone. I needed my friends assistance if the place to park was small or tight.The price is very good, only I couldnt install it myself and had to pay to mechanic. But if you can find cheap mechanic in your town who will install it, is is surealy a good deal.
    Good product for good price.
    If you want to be confident when parking in tight spots, be sure to buy this so you won't scratch your car.
  • Useful and fairly easy to install

    posted by jerms55

    Pretty simple product that does exactly as described. The installation cables were just long enough and the color was a pretty good match for the car.
    No instructions on what to connect the power to but my suggestion is to wire it to the reversing lamp/light at the back. This way the unit turns on when car is put into reverse and off again when in drive. Easy to connect to the lamp too as same +/- power connection.
    Good value and fairly basic to install. Does the job!
  • A very useful accessory for parking your car.

    posted by nicolasantoci

    It's simple to install, the hardest part is to remove the bumper to accommodate the cords. Then placed and passed the wires through the side of the upholstery. Very useful for parking and blindly.The price is very good and thoroughly recommended.
    I think it could came in multiple color for pleope who can´t paint it but I don´t think it´s a problem because there are millons of colors in cars and one have buy the correct!
    Nothing to say It´s a cheap and very useful accessory for parking your car, you will not be disappointed.

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