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paper pink Customers Reviews

  • Great gift!

    posted by Luizramones

    Great gift. This very well done and very useful. Vivid colors and excellent quality material. Each item comes with a good amount of scraps. The price is also excellent, as it comes five items. Ideal for use at home, school or office. Really, a very good gift!
    Good quality material. Useful. Good price. Five items. Need to say more?
    Good gift to annotate messages. Very beautiful and very well done. And the messages have a glue to preach environments. Very good.
  • Must see in person

    posted by Poisonz

    Thick and easy to apply, almost bubble free. It offers very shining look.It looks alike a Pink version of iPhone.It has better grip after apply the sticker.
    It is not hot pink color as wanted, but this pastel pink looks just as good. I wish they makes matted screen. Im just not used to see myself when the screen is black.
    Its good to order extra to replace the front and the side. Those are wear and tear things for long run.
  • Fun!

    posted by Elfolay

    The device is small and easy to carry. The cut musical note is very precise and is very beautiful, without burrs. The note should be around 1cm in height. It is nice to decorate or to make small "confetti musical notes."
    Buy for your child to have in school, to make unique pieces papers, decorated in a different way.
    I bought to give to my girlfriend, beyond it love music (he plays guitar) she likes pink, the color of the cutter. It's cheap.

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