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panel module Customers Reviews

  • Very nice module for using with the 86 Panel

    posted by tedao00

    It is very good for using for hiding the cables. Very nice built and very useful (it's working constantly). It works properly and for the price it is the best I could purchase. It is very good when combining with other modules and making an own and useful panel.
    If you need it, purchase it, because it is very useful and very nice built.
    A must-have to anyone who wants to hide cables.
  • Works perfectly, first time

    posted by JimJunkie

    Very easy to use for optical-optical wall plate.Allows multiple terminations in one wall plateSolid connection which won't jiggle loose
    Fit for purpose, and good solid connection. Running over 12m of cable, and no signal degradation what-so-ever.
    If you want an optical connection to use with a customisable wall plate, this one does the trick.
  • Get 5 volts from four AA batteries.

    posted by LynnCochran

    I want to power an Arduino in a robot car from four AA batteries. When the batteries age, their combined voltage will drop from 6.3 volts to about 4V, so I need a DC-to-DC converter that can both step-down and step-up to get the desired 5 V output. This DC-DC converter can do that job! I tested my unit and measured about 58% efficiency for a 5V, 110 mA output over an input voltage range from 6.5V down to 4V. Nothing got noticeably warm.
    I accidentally shorted the output during testing (don't measure output voltage with a current meter ;), and the converter stopped working. However, after about a minute, it went back to working. Apparently the thermal shutdown in the IC had saved the day.
    This should work fine in my application. This DC-DC converter uses a SEPIC design (see Wikipedia), so it only needs one IC (an LM2587). I bought a second type of DC-DC converter just in case this one didn't work out (SKU 228941); it also works, with a slightly lower efficiency and bigger board area.
  • New screen Perfect condition No defects : > )

    posted by rcjetpilot

    Screen arrived in a plain brown cardboard box adequately protected by foam, Part was exactly as described upon installation there were no dead pixels screen was perfect. Price was right, very happy customer.
    Company informs you upfront about the delivery time which in my case was 20 days, with the free shipping option.
    the parts I received were in good condition and they are of good quality, will order again soon.
    Overall I am very happy with this product. Hard to beat the price and quality
    Good Job !!!!
  • Perfect!!!!

    posted by rickrugby

    Grear screen!! NO dead pixels in mine, bought with the proper scredriver to open the PSP, put up a you tube tutorial video in the background, and voila! PSP working perfectly again!
    None. Packaging is great, none can be added to a great service like that.
    Buy it now!! You deserve to have a new PSP, and this comes perfectly in time. I am a LOT relieved to have my PSP like new again.

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