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You will be surprised our best panasonic lens adapter with an artful design and an amazing price. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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panasonic lens adapter Customers Reviews

  • Excellent adapter for great price

    posted by zak982

    Excellent built quality adapter looks sturdy and very durable , powder coated housing . This adapter is enabling me to use vintage m42 lenses on my OLY OM-D EM-5 . It works great .
    Finally I am able to use my old m42 lenses with my new camera . I am having lots of fun with them .
    If you are have old m42 lenses or you want to buy quality optics for less money you should consider buying this adapter since there are a lot of good m42 lenses for great price and with this adapter you can finally enjoy them on you u4/3 system
  • Excellent Adapter

    posted by shafqat

    The material and workmanship on this OM to m4/3 adapter is first rate. The OM lens fits and comes off without much effort and infinity focus of the OM lens is maintained.
    All my excellent OM lenses are again usable on digital bodies now. I have also purchased a Fotga m42 to M4/3 adapter which has similar characteristics.
    Must buy for owners of OM lenses and a M4/3 body like OM pen series or Panasonic G series.
  • Excellent!

    posted by wsouzaw

    It is a perfect item, great quality.
    This item was used to adapt a wide angle lens on a camcorder bit wide focus. The camera had no thread for it was an amateur equipment. In entando This item was fixed to the lens of the camcorder so that then get yourself a wide sequins. The result was very good when combined with the item: 'Sakar 37mm 0.5X Wide Angle Lens Filter Set'. You can now have a great focal range when the camera is in wide position. With these two items combined was possible to make a JVC camcorder amateur in a much better equipment.
    Nothing to declare.
  • Solid product

    posted by malizair

    I have an old c-mount Fujinon TV zoom lens. With this adapter can re-use it with PM1 Olympus camera.
    The problem is that lenses with C-mount are not standardized, in fact, part of the lens that sits on the adapter is a few millimeters away. This leads to the fact that some lenses do not touch the adapter. This is the case with my lens. I have to make aluminum ring that will connect the body and lens adapter to be able to focus to infinity. This is not a failure of the adapter manufacturer. It is lens problem.
    Be careful with adapters when using the C mount lenses. You will probably have to remanufacture adapters or lenses.
  • A very good and useful product.

    posted by malizair

    A very good and useful product.I have an old Tokina lens with Pentax PK bayonet. With this adapter can re-use it with PM1 Olympus camera. Attaching a lens to the adapter is easy and secure because the adapter has a pin that serves as a holding brake. When you want to take off the lens with the adapter, you must first press the pin and then unscrew the lens.
    All metal parts. Work for now.
    I would recommend this product to anyone with an old Pentax lens.


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