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pair car Customers Reviews

  • Good DRLs

    posted by Konst128

    3 wires easy used .Bright SMD (1W SMD LEDs are true specification) ant also excellent aluminium frame as heat-sink -yes.E4 and RL00 markings for legal road application in EU.Mounting construction is easy installation.Boast long lifespan.The small size and curbed form is ideal to fit under the bumper.
    Good LEDs.
    View photos.Looks like a total of 800 Lumen compared to a 900 Lumen diode.
  • Excellent Replacement

    posted by nl2br

    Very nice light. Seems solid. Fitted well on all my indoor car housings, some with a little workaround required, because of the big size of the tablet.
    Nothing important. Could be a little shorter, because in two places, I had to bend it a little to make it fit, but you can really find a workaround.
    It IS an excellent replacement for your stock bulbs, as it will light a lot more than those, and with a cooler light color. Very recommended.
  • Great dashboard lamps!

    posted by nicolaspolti

    -great luminiscence-easy to install-i have installed them in my VW dashboard and it transforms it like an expensive car's dashboard.-the packaging is a plastic bag wich mantains them together.-very low price-they dont hurt your eyes while driving-works with 12volts
    great, i will try another color next time.
    see the photo of my VW attached.
  • Fantastic white parker light

    posted by Cr0wbar

    - Great Price- Easy to install- Quality seems to be solid- Pure white (no blue tinge)- Very very bright
    After first impressions, installation and quick testing, these lights seem to be pretty good. They fit perfectly in to my Integra DC2 and look great. They're a pure white and don't have any blue tinge like most of the LEDs available.I can't say how long they'll last for, or if they get hot or how they'll hold up in the long-term, but they seem solid.
    I'm buying another set of these, just in case they don't last long. They're better than what I find in Australian retail stores.
  • Looks Awesome

    posted by sarquez

    Very bright, these are very strong DRL's.Product is very strong (just dropped one when installing), also the tape for installation will provide great grip.
    Great looking product, my Civic (1998 version), has a terrible lisence plate light from factory, after having a few burnt LEDs I went for the DRL, installed them very easily and now the lisence plate can be seen and color looks great!
    If you are looking for some great DRLs this is it, very bright and strong built (does not work as foglight).Buy this product.

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