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paint pen silver Customers Reviews

  • Useful to cover up minor scratches

    posted by kalex

    The color match is good. The little brush inside is easy to use. As long as you don't expect it to make scratches disappear completely it will meet your expectations.
    After using this pen the scratches on my car are less noticeable. I suggest using a clear coat pen (which is also sold on DX) on top of this pen to improve the look.
    Blurs scratches. Use it if you don't want to paint an entire body panel.
  • Woody Dotty

    posted by keonivek

    Package well, reusable plastic sleeve to keep them clean. The price here: for the many level of dotting set is great! I use this for Pom- Clay tooling too.
    I do however like that wood good to draw on. so i made some tiny chibi on them.
    Overall this is a great product to add if your into 3D nail art, clay figuring, or soft metal worker that tinkers in models. I would totally buy this for a friend if they would only ask. currently missing one due to "borrowing"
  • high quality

    posted by shtuppi

    Very fine, sharp point.soft bristles.Seems to retain its point well.
    I use these brushes for painting my plastic model kits with acrylics.It works very well - particularly for fine detail, since they are quite small. I wouldn't try and use them for anything that requires covering an area of more than a few square centimeters.
    very happy I got them!
  • Necessary thing with good price

    posted by Tiramisy

    Very easy to use. The paint dries quickly and does not require additional treatment after drying. Easily removed with a solvent. With deep scratches perfectly fills the entire depth of the scratch, but in this case, you must apply the paint in several layers.
    If the surface of scratched is processed from grease before painting, paint falls more evenly and dries quickly.
    Good device for this price. Necessary as for beginners as for experienced drivers to repair a little scratches without going to professional repair stations.
  • Very Good

    posted by jonytkiero

    The product is very good, very good quality, are in total 10 nail tips.Very easy to use, and are of very good quality materials which it is made.This product is very cheap.It also comes in a durable carrying case.
    Highly recommended as a gift for a woman who likes to make art with nails. and having multiple tips can be used in many models.Very easy to use, and are of very good quality materials which it is made.
    It's very usefull, I think it's a great opportunity to give or for yourself.

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