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packing tape Customers Reviews

  • Very cute

    posted by kac1973

    Really cute and useful, and very cheap as a bonus. You get a lot of different motives.Very cheap. This item will cost at least twice as much here. You get ten rolls in one pack. All the rolls are different. Your kids will love to play with this tape - and you can use it yourself for decorative gift wrapping instead of normal, boring clear tape.
    A great buy, and the tape works and sticks to almost all surfaces. The only con is, that it would be nice, if there was more tape on the rolls.
    Nice little decorative tapes, for decorating things like envelopes or letterpaper. Lots of designs and sticking quality is very good.
  • It really works very well!

    posted by annejelly21

    -made my eyes appear bigger (considering that i have the typical asian eyes)-created an illusion of a double eyelid-sticks on the eyelids really good (same product from other brands comes off easily)-does not hurt when you take them off
    -The product does what is expected of it, such as: creating double eyelids and making the eyes appear bigger)-However, it cost a little expensive.
  • Perfect for cleaning up wires and cables

    posted by jeffory

    - These things are great, the double sided tape on them is okay, not too sticky that you can't remove or make a mark but still strong enough to put upside down under a desk and be able to hold cables.
    They are fairly small so a big cable like a power or vga cable won't fit in
    They're quite cheap for the large amount you get, in the worse case if the tape isn't good enough peel it off and simply replace it.
  • Easy to apply, good looking stickers!

    posted by Larsssson

    Nice thick quality that is easy to apply to the rims.You get a couple of extra stickers in case you need to replace a damaged one in the future.Looks good and is available in many different colours
    I have not used them for any longer time so i dont really know how they will stand the sun and the other "elements".Will they still be there after i have washed my car with the highpressure washer?
    This is a easy way to "pimp" your ride for a low cost, if you get tired of the colour, just buy a set in a different colour and change them!
  • good ties, but the adhesive tape don´t

    posted by ubiratamuniz

    - The system for strapping is good. It is easy to adjust, you can "reopen" the tie and close it again if you need to add/remove wires.- They are "semi-transparent" so in many situations they will be close to invisible.- As cable ties, they work.
    I ended up don´t using them at home, but at work instead. I didn´t need to glue them here, only strapping some network and power cable so they wouldn´t be messy. I´ll post some pictures when I can.
    The straps are really good and practical, only the adhesive tape was disappointing. So, keep in mind that you WILL need to replace the adhesive if you buy these.

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