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  • it really works

    posted by eldorada

    it really works.I do not believe that it works. but the low price made me try it. and actually works better than any mask. and costs less than any mask. minus sign is to have a strange smell. but very easy to use. anyone who has to face skin problems, I recommend it.
    and adolescent girls and young women are those that want to be beautiful, and suffer from the pores. definitely a good thing, and it takes little time.
    the use of this certainly buy again. my friend is also willing to try it.
  • Very useful

    posted by Rachelarts

    Fantastique! it just save my shoes!Now i can wear my shoes a whole day long.I also need it for my sports shoes.it is a strong material, holds well, i don't have to change till i am back home.
    It is not expensive at all.I also bought it before and now i bought it for my kids, i shall continue buy it in the future.
    Worthwhile!It is really cheap, it does a very good work, it save my shoes, my boots, my sports shoes so forth.Highly recommended.
  • Great but with one problem

    posted by markojan

    great cutgreat sizethe copper is great heat conductor and combined with thermal paste makes the CPU/GPU better dissipate more heat
    if i order 1mm i want 1mm thick sizes. i got 2 cases with 10pcs and they are all 2mm thick which cannot be of any use in a laptop :(
    Should buy if need 2mm thick slacks of copper plates. but if you need them thinner dont bother to order either one from dx since you will recieve 2mm thick anyway
  • Excellent Build Quality

    posted by KaySees

    - Excellent Build Quality- Able to charge 3 devices at the same time (iPad, iPhone and Nexus 4) via the 2 USB and inductive charging pad.
    Money well spent, fit right in the back pocket of jeans for easy carrying.
    Definitely worth the money and the weight if you travel a lot, and have multiple devices to keep alive. I have 4 phones in the family plus tablets wherever I go!
  • Excellent Replacement for Thick Thermal Pads

    posted by ncc74656m

    These little guys may look pointless, but unfortunately, they are more necessary than most people give them credit for. Many laptop manufacturers resort to using thick thermal 'pads' to help transfer heat from secondary chips (GPU, Bridges), and even the CPU from time to time, because the heat sink wasn't thick enough to reach the chip as designed. This poor design causes excess heat buildup and thermal inefficiency. Replacing these pads with these shims and some high quality thermal compound is a great alternative.
    If your laptop uses this type of cooling system and you don't mind doing a little surgery, these babies sell themselves.

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