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  • Nice collectible

    posted by eeaan

    The individual matchboxes are presented inside a a nice pack with good build quality.The boxes themselves are of reasonably thick paper and the total impression is very good indeed.On the matchsticks the first centimeter after the head is impregnated with paraffin to give a more stable burn.
    The match heads have a high sulfur content, this gives a distinct and sharp smell of sulfur dioxide after burning. (personally I quite like the smell)It also makes the matches ignite more easily when striked. Also there is a possibility the matches might contain stibnite to make the more sensitive.
    This is a great novelty item with a good pricetag. It is outdated as some of the terrorists are dead.
  • Small and practical

    posted by xisco

    Plastic is quite good.
    Smaller than a CD.
    Numbered positions from 0 to 7, 0 is to avoid pills from being dropped.
    Nice colours.
    Ideal for travelling.
    As it is small, I think it is difficult to separate each hole in morning, noon and night compartiments.
    It is a good complement for your travels. As it comes with 2 of them and they are in different colours, you can use each one for the pills of the morning and the other one for the night. You can buy 2 pack if you need more :), they are not so big
  • Cool and tiny!

    posted by DameM

    Cool! Loads of little erasers! What more could you possibly want? Well, except for them to come in a really nice little transparent plastic box with a ribbon! Whooop!
    I'm sure that my daughter will like them and give them to all of her friends.The pack that I receved said that it contains 50 erasers, not 40! Bonus!
    Cool! Buy these. They're not too useful, but they look cool.....
  • I expected a better product

    posted by SoraLobbut

    * It has a nice chocolate-looking design.* Good capacity, can keep several pills in every case.* Price is good for what you get.
    If it was marked below with the days of the week, or some numbers, it could be a lot better. My mom didn't like it, said she would forget what she was taking without any labels.
    It was not exactly what I expected.
  • Excellent product

    posted by msalinsa

    Excellent product Good sizepractical to guard not only pills, but also it is possible to be useful to guard money (for emergencies) Good material.Es sin duda un muy buen artículo, de muy buen material y resistente. No sólo lo puenden usar como pastillero, sino que para guardar dinero en caso de emergencias
    It really seems a very good product, combining value for money, I found one that meets that.
    A very good product. Buy them without hesitatio.

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