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  • All my pills fit into the container

    posted by ChevyG20

    Small container ,light metal ,waterproof ,great price.Comes in 4 great collors,looks nice on my keychain. You'll be supriced of how many pills fit in this container. Looks very proffesional,quality is superb.
    I am a diabetic,and very supriced that all my 5 pills fit into this container (art.nr. 130662 ,4 cm version).At my work,i can only take pillboxes wich are metal,so very handy.See my picture.
    Buy this item without a doubt a good buy.You won't be dissapointed .
  • A lor of mini erasers!

    posted by Cecastri

    - A lot of mini-erasers.- Very nice models.- The "print" of the erasers is really good quality, if you look at them closer they look sharp printed.- They WORK, some erasers are cute and everything, but when you use them they don't erase, and sometimes they even screw all the paper. These erasers REALLY WORK, they erase and keep clean the paper.
    - The box is really nice, makes a great gift if it's what you're looking for.
    - Maybe a little expensive, but nice.
  • Nice collectible

    posted by eeaan

    The individual matchboxes are presented inside a a nice pack with good build quality.The boxes themselves are of reasonably thick paper and the total impression is very good indeed.On the matchsticks the first centimeter after the head is impregnated with paraffin to give a more stable burn.
    The match heads have a high sulfur content, this gives a distinct and sharp smell of sulfur dioxide after burning. (personally I quite like the smell)It also makes the matches ignite more easily when striked. Also there is a possibility the matches might contain stibnite to make the more sensitive.
    This is a great novelty item with a good pricetag. It is outdated as some of the terrorists are dead.
  • Use at your office, it works!

    posted by coq509

    4 pieces for this price seems reasonable.
    Very useful at your office. You can use this as personal memo, re-usable sticky notes or so.
    My set included 4 of markers, however I don't know it's a feature or it's some kind of mistake.
    This product will be not so convenient with Fridge, as its marker's magnet isn't strong enough for having it on the fridge.
    This product will save you a lot of paper and sticky notes.
    I'm going to order one more set of this.
  • Practical box

    posted by kloki

    Is quite big and can hold a lot of pills for the day. Build quality seems very good. It slides and locks in place quite nice.
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    Price could be a little lower. Might be useful for older people who need pill management. ;)


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