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  • The only brake-light for Europe

    posted by Polonium

    After some weeks of testing i concluded that:
    -this light gives a lot more light than the original
    -light is scattered along all sides
    -brightness difference between normal and brake light is acceptable
    - will fit is a small hole: diameter is smaller than the original bulb.
    Because there are 6 light sources, the light is scattered into many directions. Unlike the LED lamps with 3 or 4 LED's IN FRONT, this lamp is best used with a "reflector" design.
    Very happy to have these in my car, only i want these also in single pin to replace my rear fog lights!
  • Excellent price for 1 watt LEDs

    posted by RacerXGT0

    For the price, these are excellent project LED's in the 1 watt territory. At the solder points, very tiny (+) and (-) marks stamped for polarity identification. Bottom is metal for thermal compound application for heat sinks. LED's are very bright!
    These have a Edison Edixeon style about them. I took a chance on their color, and I am very happy once I started working with them and got them to light up. Their color is NEUTRAL WHITE(5500-6000K), a very crisp white light, not yellow and definitely no bluish tint, only pure white. The need heat sinks to dissipate heat otherwise they're not going to last very long. They also need a good current driver to ensure long life.
    I plan to use these for lighting around the house and for an automotive Daytime Running Light project. The color is perfect for a DRL, exactly like that as found on the Audi A4.
    Best price for 90 lumen 1 watt LED emitters that are pure (neutral)white.
    What you see in this product listing, is what you get
  • MJ872 1600 lm front bike light

    posted by JOhnB333

    This is an awesome light with a capital "O". It is a flood light (which is not noted in the advertising material) and the cable comes out the back of the unit, not the front like the other MagicShine products. I have owned two single LED devices (the MJ-808) which are awesome 900 lm spot lights. Pairing the spot (on your head) and the flood (on your bars) is great for night trail riding. Unreservedly recommend this - but it is a flood light, without the distance of the 900 lm MJ-808.
  • Good starter kit

    posted by romainpnct

    CheapVery bright leds
    My advice : when you receive these, test one from each bag and label them.Haven't tested them all yet so can't tell the failure rate, but so far I've yet to see a non functional one.
    Would recommended buying this if you need bright leds in 4 different colors.Don't mix them because you'll have to test each of them to tell their color.
  • Lower intensity than original incandescent bulbs

    posted by silviumc

    - low energy consumption 1.56W compared to original incandescent 21W
    - very long life, for all intents and purposes, longer than the life of the car itself
    - they seem to spread the light better that the original incandescent
    - bright enough when brake is applied
    - lower latency (time it takes to light up since current is applied) than incandescent
    At first, when I saw that they are not as bright as the incandescent lights, I was a bit bummed. But it the end, these LED lights seem good enough, after all. The most important function, brake lighting, is performed satisfactorily.

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