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  • good replacement

    posted by liufas

    Great item if you lost your stylus pen. And you even can lose it again because you gen an extra one. It is good as original, build quality is great. If you like to feel stylus pen in your hand for real you even get one real size pen. Three stylus for low price!
    Don't make a mistake, this stylus pens are for Nintendo DSi LL (LL !!!), not for smaller model.
    great item to replace lost stylus pen for Nintendo DSi LL
  • Pizza Shaped Ball Point Pens

    posted by MiLes

    -Handy Pen to have around.
    -has a small circular magnet attached to the back, so you can attach it to your fridge.
    -Great ice breaker.
    -Shaped like a peice of pizza, looks cool.
    Would have liked a blue pen, with ink that smells like pizza.
    Worth getting to help remove the dullness of work/school, but it's not suitable as a full-time pen.
  • Nice product

    posted by ianni

    It smells really good and the price is worth of it. With a couple of them you can use as an ornament. I will certainly buy more.
    Take care with small children, because the balls are pretty small (about 2,5cm)...and not to loose them.
    It is a simple product, there isn't so much to talk about.
  • Cool girft unbreackable!

    posted by peyo007

    It is not inflatable I think but no way!I really like these!They are unbreackables! I have never seen balls like these, I hope it will not break one day because they're getting old :(
    Smells not really good :( It is not a good thingBut smells disappear with time, of course and fortunately!
    They are little pets in it ^^ lol It seems strange! They are fine!
  • Excellent!

    posted by reniak

    I find these very cheap compared to other types of stressballs...
    Nice feel to some of them
    Easy to Use
    Does what its meant to do
    No smell
    Vibrant Colors
    You get 6 in the pack which is great! Share them with friends/family
    Overall, I like them but also look at my cons!!
    I would buy since they are pretty cheap for a 6pak
    If your a really stressed out person, why not try them?
    Overall I like them personally:)
    There are a bunch of other stress balls for a greater price, which might be more better...
    Its really up to you if your stressed.
    Buy it cause they are cheaper then elsewhere..and it took me FOREVER to find cheap ones...
    :)Thats it folks!

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