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outrunner brushless motor

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outrunner brushless motor Customers Reviews

  • Did not ship with prop collet as shown

    posted by linuxslate

    Good motor. Plenty of power. Good efficiency. Well constructed. Makes any model look good and fly well.
    Plenty of power for a 450 size quadcopter and 10 x 4.5 props unless your quad is *very* heavy.
    Good motors for a budget project. Add in the price of collets (about $1US ea.) and bullet connectors.
  • Highspeed

    posted by Fenki

    I use this motor in a scrap built foam jet with a 3S battery and 5 * 4.75 prop. Total weight of the modell is about 300g. This makes it a really fast plane!
    Here we are again: 500 words for the review. The i,portant things are written - nut still some words missing. A word-counter would be a nice feature :-)
    I use it with a 30A ESC (SKU.13028) and a 1200mAh (3S, 20C) battery (SKU.33027) - both from DX too. This gives a cheap, fast and good setup.
  • Very good brushless motor

    posted by deanrock

    It's a very good brushless motor, I'm using four of them on my quadcopter. They are powerful, easy to use, light and sturdy. I'm using them connected to 3 LiPo battery pack with following ESC found on this site: FLYING 30A BEC Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motors (ESC)
    It's really powerful but that also means that the battery will run out pretty quickly. It isn't mentioned on this site, but shaft has 3.17mm diameter.
    I recommend it to anyone wanting to build a quadcopter.
  • Cool!

    posted by Fenki

    This is a nice little motor for foam-jets. I use it in a scratch built foam jet wit about 600 gramm weight, a 7*5 pusher prop ans 1200 mAh battery. It works great and gives a good speed.
    For scrap built models I prefere cheap motors because I don't know if they can fly until they are tested.
    For 3S LiPo don't use a larger prop than 7*5.
  • Mystery A2212-15 930KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

    posted by suzonka

    a quiet motor turns a 11x5 prop thin blade, its put together with quality , the shat is straight as i checked it with a dial indicator
    maybe its too much weight of an airplane for this motor ? or it could be the wing area in square inches , i did notice in other specs of motors the 4mm and 5 mm shafted motors are rated for a more heaver air plane frame
    I'm trying a different propeller , it may help

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