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outdoor sleeves Customers Reviews

  • Must have for motorcyclists!

    posted by CoryV

    Good to fair quality, seems like well manufactured. As far as I can see on mine, all seams are well done, none are so tight that they might tear out or break otherwise. The protective pads are generally well placed.
    Quality of this kind of protective clothing is determined by how it performs during it's lifetime. Come again in two or three seasons...
    Every motorcyclist riding in environments over 25+ Centigrade (arbitrary...) benefit from summer clothing with proper ventilation. At this price, this is an absolute bargain.
  • Sleeves

    posted by andrehmps

    It´s really cool. When you dress it, you won´t feel it´s getting hot under it. You will feel your arm very cool. It is very nice to use. I recomend it!!!
    I Think it would be nice to wear in the right arm while you are driving, maybe both arms get the same color beacause of the sun. I have never tryed it under the sun. I need to see if it´s nice too.
    Nice thing to buy!
  • Very good for the price

    posted by bakix

    Simple and light, easy to use, has almost everything that a pro gear has. It is very comfortable to wear. The fabric is quite breathable but warm enough for the cold spring mornings or mountain descents. It dries relatively fast when wet. It has a nice design as well.
    It has less spandex content than a "pro" cycling fabric, but it's elastic enough and thin, it is perfectly sufficient. I used it for hiking a few times as well, it has small form factor and helps to avoid the need to carry arround aditional shirt or even a backpack to keep it.
    Great product for the price.
  • Great, except I received a tainted one

    posted by detour35

    four way stretchy, good length, reasonable price
    The sleeves are very stretchy and seem to be of good quality. For most short-sleeved shirt it can cover all exposed part of the arm, but it's not full length up to the top of the upper arm. It's nice-looking. I do hope, however, a skin-colored version is available, so that the sleeves would appear very inconspicuous as if you aren't wearing them.
    Very good quality (except as stated above, the actual item received was tainted with red color). Great for summer cycling.

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