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  • Great

    posted by freel4nc3r

    It's a very useful pouch for cyclists who use their Iphone (or some similar gadgets) to monitoring their ride. I had bought two iphone holders before and both of them broke... but this one is better, I feel way more confident, I'm not worry to have my Iphone fallen down, besides it is now protected against water and dust.
    I highly recommend it for who wants to monitoring their ride and keep their iphone safe.
    I highly recommend it for who wants to monitoring their ride and keep their iphone safe.
  • Good wine cap!

    posted by Snake2004

    A good set of glasses of brandy. Convenient packaging. Perfect for a nice holiday on fishing, especially in cold weather)))) for wines to be small, but for something more robust good fit. The quality of the material cup is good, no sharp corners. All angles are well handled, nice to use.
    Sorry there is no cup of the same type with a large (200-400ml). Thing is convenient and practical.
  • Perfect for everything

    posted by malfpu

    Very good general quality and shape.Multiple options for carrying things inside and outside the bag. A lot of interior pockets and sections.Good materials with waterproof covering to avoid wet the interior.Many parts where things can be hung up.Great big zipper. strong and easy to access the interior.Great system to attach the leg. It provides good fixation and security.
    Original colour.Good Stitching.Can hang up lot of things in many parts.
    I use this for carrying my camera in a good and accessible position, for that I use a protection inside. It is very helpful and useful.
  • Sturdy Case

    posted by kcirred2

    Sturdy Construction will last for years. The snaps allow me to easily attach and remove without having to take everything off the belt. Dual belt loops keep the pouch from twisting an give piece of mind.Easily fits on my two inch wide nylon duty belt.Fits my iPhone in its Otterbox case.I'm using a second one as a latex glove holder.
    I use this every day on my duty belt. It looks as good as other nylon duty gear costing three times as much at the uniform store. Would highly recommend for any law enforcement officers looking for a nylon phone holder.
    I'm buying two more for backups.
  • Just got it today - seems ok.

    posted by comradjurex

    - for this kinda money i'd say it's a real bargain - sets like these cost as much as 3 or 4 times more in camping stores.- all metal parts react to a magnet - definitely steel and not aluminum.- has pretty much any utensil you'd need while sitting at a lunch table: spoon, fork, knife, opener (can and bottle), corkscrew.-spoon and fork independently detachable - you can use more than 1 piece at the same time. real handy.- comes with a little bag.
    well i know for sure it's steel since a magnet attracts it. it says "stainless" on the blade but that's yet to be tested. i just got the thing today and i haven't really tried it out yet - the review is based on first impressions. i've seen and had a lot of tools like this and this one looks average, i've seen better but i've seen a whole lot worse.
    if you're looking for a combined wilderness survival tool this one ain't gonna cut it - its just too dull and doesnt look like it can take on a lot of abuse.if you just wanna have eating utensils handy in your backpack (this is what i got it for) to use for having lunch on the move, this piece is a good option, plus its real cheap.

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