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  • Usefull little thing...

    posted by Thomasnorway

    It is easy too use.It hold's the bottle firm in place.It look's nice.Good quality.
    It works well. I did however force it into a bigger bottleneck as I did'nt know it was bigger than a regular so it got bent. It was possible to bend it back and it still it works good.The price is a bit high as i found out that they cost allmost the same here in Norway and I could have saved the shipping time.
    Good quality product. I bought five and are happy with all of them.
  • Good lamp

    posted by vvladan

    Nice looking lampcheapIt has magnet on it's backQuite enough light for emergency use
    I live in area where we have blackouts very often. I put this one in toilet attached to washing machine and if you are in toilet during blackout you can turn it on and it produces enough light. I don't know what to say really. it's not easy to type 500 characters for such product
    If you need it, buy it. It's enough for tent when you camp as well. you wont be disapointed. buy it
  • Good to have with Multiple Keys.

    posted by TripleSurvival

    - always knowing that your keys are on your belt at all times. - Can attach many different keys easily via the clip or the punched out hole. - has a tactical look to it. - it uses Velcro + Snap Fastener Great Plus!
    For the price of the Item You save enough to buy a few more just in case of them breaking or losing the item.
    1. Price is easily the number one seller for this product. 2. The usefulness of this item cannot be beat so far by any of the other items that i have used.3. it's very secure once you have attached this to your belt. wont fall off unless the Velcro + Snap Fastener has broken off or whole item has been cut.
  • Good product, good value, Color is close to Olive Drab

    posted by MrVK75

    - Cheap and good value for the price.- Tough and can carry quit some load.- Snaps shut easily and opens without much effort.- Big size, big enough to carry large items.
    It's plastic so don't use it for climbing or any other risky tasks. Ideal for Airsoft, Paintball or general hiking/bushcraft use. Size is ideal for many applications.
    For Airsoft use, definitely get one, attach it to your vest or chest rig so you can hang anything on there in all kinds of situations.
  • Does what you'd expect

    posted by Grod66

    Works fine. The metal does not feel like it will lose its springiness so it should continue to grip for many, many uses. I've only used it with a wide belt (2"/5cm) and it stays put with no problems; it would probably grip even better on a narrower belt as it would have a lip to flip over before it released.
    Random colours delivered can give you some unexpectedly funky rainbow coloured clips.
    Good product, may buy a few for friends.

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