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outdoor fishing Customers Reviews

  • Ótima escolha

    posted by fabiao1234

    Site excelente, produto de excelente qualidade. mesmo material q um Casio. Fácil manuseio. Recomendo. custo beneficio. Ele não é gigante como os do concorrentes e menos grotesco tambem. é bonito, leve e funciona. Luz de fundo moderna.
    Pena que com o serviço de correio do Brasil o produto demorou 3 meses para chegar. Do DX até chegar no brasil demorou 1 semana, mas para chegar até em casa o correio demorou 3 meses.
  • versatile clip

    posted by nixontkl

    A flexible and versatile clip, good for holding up thing in the office table, workshop, camping. The swivel end make it very good for clipping a torchlight and pointing it at where you want in camping or while you are working in a workshop and just needed some extra light. Can also use to clip paper and attached to the side of the monitoring for ref while you type away.
    if the clip head can be change to different size that will be wonderful.
    a cheap and simple multi purpose clip that you can have around. bought a few to keep at home and office, never know when u need to just clip something in place
  • Nice hat - Nice price

    posted by Aarhus88

    This is a nice hat. It is good for giving shade on a hot day, for example while you are fishing. And through the holes in the top the heat, produced from your head can easily escape.quality seems to be all right. I thing it can withstand time and weather for
    Shipment was very fast. I got it within two weeks (which is great consideren China is on the other side of the world and the shipping is free)
    An overall very nice hat.I would buy again if this breaks (unless it breaks because of bad quality in a short amount of time)
  • Nice fishing tool

    posted by sielm

    Really convenient and small tool for fishing adepts. It's a sharp tool too: it will cut thick nylon wire and also threaded wire without problems. It has a sharp edge with micro tooth to allow for a really clean cut.
    It's small and convenient to have in your fishing tool box. I may order a couple more just in case I lose this one. I usually used my tooth to cut nylon wires when fishing and now I won't anymore!
    Cheap and quality tool here. It's handy not only for fishing but for cutting wires, threads, etc. The plastic is not bad although it could be improved. The blade itself looks quality enough and has a sharp and longlasting appearance.
  • Better than expected

    posted by Maanloper

    Was better quality than expected. Tested it and it can endure submersions for short durations without a problem. Seems like the material is strong enought to stay watertight even when thrown on rocks or so.
    If you need a cheap bag to keep your stuff dry/sand free on the beach or with watersports, this is a good and cheap solution :)
    Buy it, you won't regret it.

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