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oscilloscope probe Customers Reviews

  • Great probe / Great Pice

    posted by bobfrapples

    The trim adjustment screw is on the base of the connector and not the probe and is metal not plastic like some. The ref/Ground wire with clip is exposed and not covered like some making it very easy to remove if you please, I rarely use that clip prefer floating measurements.
    Mine came in a lovely durable clear vinyl bag labeled "oscilloprobe", I think its awesome cute name. This probe is no joke, in fact the only way it would be a joke is if a monkey delivered it to me on a unicycle.
    Excellent probe, I purchased because I believed my scope suffered only a broken probe, as a replacement, I think I may by another now as a spare.
  • Very good price

    posted by JuanAlv

    High tension is a very sensitive issue and not all components can respond correctly to the insulation required to allow the operator to work safe from shock that can be fatal in many cases. This probe has a very elegant design and keeps well the proportions to allow an effective insulation.
    It has a button very practical that most probes do not possess.
    If you want to measure voltages up to 10 kV, and you seem very expensive probes that exist in the market to measure carefully, this is the tube that you need.
  • Cheap probe (not something you see elsewhere)

    posted by realblades

    Very inexpensive compared to normal sources. (That's why you're looking at this anyway, isn't it?) Came loosely coiled and intact. Stylish black, has all the necessary features for a probe of this type: cap with hook, 1X/10X switch, calibration cap, ground clip. Appears to work well.
    Maybe it doesn't measure up, but it's the only thing I've seen in this price range. If you're looking for better, buy something certified from an instrument maker. (It'll cost, of course.)Once calibrated, this pretty much matches my Tektronik probe. There's a slight difference in attenuation. I haven't taken this with me to a lab with fine enough equipment to confirm which one is correct or how high this will go. Rise/fall times look good on my 10M scope, I read the same numbers with this and the Tek and that's enough for me.
    I needed a cheap second probe. This is it. You take the "DX risk" and it's not a $2 item, but if it's like mine, I'd say it'll pay off.
  • Pleasantly surprised!

    posted by NOTgate

    Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised with this probe. So many probes available locally or on ebay were like 30-40 bucks, so this was a great deal. I wasn't expecting much given the super low price, but it's actually really nice. The x10/x1 feature is cool, and something that I didn't get is that the probe can be either a probe OR a hook. The covering of the probe can be pulled back to reveal a hook, and it will then squeeze forward on the wire and clamp on to it. It shows audio signals just fine, I haven't tried anything above 20khz yet. My scope is only rated to 5mhz anyway, so I'm sure this probe will suffice.The device also has a screw to calibrate the x10 setting, which is nice.
    Buy it!
  • Excellent Scope Probes

    posted by Hobbytronics

    These are very good quality probes. Well madeGood clear waveforms with no distortion that you can sometimes get with cheap probes.
    These are the same probes that came with my OWON Oscilloscope. I broke one of the clips on one of them and needed a replacement. I bought a single cheap probe in the UK which cost over £10 and it was rubbish, with distorted waveforms and cheap build quality.Now i have another pair of these excellent probes.These are marketed at 60MHz. My scope only goes to 25MHz so i have not tested them beyond that.


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