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oscilloscope probe Customers Reviews

  • Great scope probes for 100Mhz Oscilloscope

    posted by ngklee

    Price is superb. Original OEM probes could cost around $100, and this was around $15. Well built. Extra accesories included. Instructions sheet also included. They even added a small screwdriver for the probe compensation.These will be a better help on using this scope probe.
    Price is superb.
    Great value of money with good quality scope probes.
  • Very good probes

    posted by p0mfx

    1:1 or 1:10Good tipsVery flexiable cables.Color marking rings.
    It was packed good in a plastic bag with some kind of manual inside.
    I didn't measure signals more than 5 MHz(my oscilloscope doesn't let me get higher frequencies), so I don't realy know how it works above this frequency, but it works very good from 0Hz to 5MHz.So if you need to measure e.g. audio frequencies I assure you youcan buy these probes without any doubts.
  • Real bandwidth results

    posted by Radek81

    For orientation measure not bad for this price, but for serious measure you should choose better probe. A have 20MHz analog scope - for this equipment is Ok, but for my 100MHz TEK i will look for somethig better.
    Real bandwidth is much lower than is written and expected.
  • Pleasantly surprised!

    posted by NOTgate

    Wow! I'm pleasantly surprised with this probe. So many probes available locally or on ebay were like 30-40 bucks, so this was a great deal. I wasn't expecting much given the super low price, but it's actually really nice. The x10/x1 feature is cool, and something that I didn't get is that the probe can be either a probe OR a hook. The covering of the probe can be pulled back to reveal a hook, and it will then squeeze forward on the wire and clamp on to it. It shows audio signals just fine, I haven't tried anything above 20khz yet. My scope is only rated to 5mhz anyway, so I'm sure this probe will suffice.The device also has a screw to calibrate the x10 setting, which is nice.
    Buy it!
  • Bit flimzy but affordable.

    posted by kingtim

    It's a very cheap oscilloscope probe. And once you get it to work properly it isn't even that bad!I especially love the fine point and the hook you can use to attach it to your wire.
    I would have liked to see a less flimzy switch and a working calibrating capacitor. Other than that it works just fine.
    If you expect a high quality top-of-the-bill probe. Don't buy it. If you need a cheap probe to make some "casual" measurments, it's awsome!

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